The 'ONE Asia MMA Summit' Could be a Defining Moment in the History of Asian MMA


Sometimes the events which dictate the course of MMA history take place far away from the cage, without the need for referees and cornermen or the presence of a baying crowd. The deals that are done behind closed doors and the partnerships which are formed behind the scenes are as important to the sport's development as anything that happens after the bell sounds.

If you look back at the seminal moments then the history of MMA events such as the UFC's acquisition of Pride, the seven year deal the organization signed with Fox or the success of a reality TV show called 'The Ultimate Fighter' are the true turning points.

This weekend an event will take place which will not involve the UFC but could dictate the entire future of MMA in the East. The 'ONE Asia MMA Summit 2012' will bring together around 150 of the key players in Asian MMA ranging from promoters to sponsors to gym owners to fighters to broadcasters.

As befitting an event which will be attended by multiple millionaires the summit is taking place in the confines of the S$8 billion Marina Bay Sands Resort, the most expensive casino property in the world. The two day summit will involve meetings, seminars and discussions between stakeholders from every facet of the MMA Asian industry.

People such as Victor Cui, the CEO / Owner of ONE FC, Chatri Sityodtong, the owner of Evolve MMA, Anthony Lin, the president and CEO of the Fairtex Group and Matt Hume who has served as head official at ONE FC, Dream and Pride will discuss a series of issues such as how to develop the sport safely and the creation of an amateur circuit in Asia.

Representatives from ESPN Star Sports, Asia's biggest sports network, will be there as will a number of sponsors looking to profit from the fastest growing sport in the world such as Asia Pacific Breweries (Heineken and Tiger beer), Fairtex, Uppercut Energy Drinks and Carl's Junior.

The promotions represented at the summit will include ONE FC, Dream, Deep, URCC, Road FC, CFC, MFC, Dare and FCC making it probably the biggest gathering of MMA event organizers which has ever taken place anywhere in the world.

More details about who will be attending and what will be on the agenda visit:

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