Bellator 70 results and LIVE fight coverage for 'Konrad vs Prindle' TONIGHT (May 25) on MTV2

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Bellator Fighting Championships returns TONIGHT (May 25, 2012) to the Orleans Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, with a heavyweight title fight, a lightweight tournament final and a bantamweight semifinal. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, round-by-round coverage of Bellator 70 below, beginning with the MTV2 telecast at 8 p.m. ET. In addition, we'll deliver up-to-the-minute quick results of all the undercard action much earlier in the evening (beginning at 7 p.m.).

Headlining the main event will be a Bellator heavyweight title fight between champion Cole Konrad and season five tournament winner Eric Prindle. Prindle was handed the shot at the belt after his opponent Thiago Santos, failed to make weight in the finals.

Also on the card is a Bellator season six lightweight tournament final fight between former top welterweights Rick Hawn and Brent Weedman, who have both have tremendous success since making the drop to 155 pounds.

A Bellator season six bantamweight tournament semifinal fight is also on the cards as 135-ers Hiroshi Nakamura and Luis Nogueira are set to square off. Lastly, Louisiana veteran Rich Clementi will battle Derek Campos in a feature lightweight bout to open up the main card.

Check out our complete Bellator 70 results after the jump (beginning at 7 p.m. ET).

Main Card

265 lbs.: Cole Konrad def. Eric Prindle via submission (Kimura) at 1:00 of round one
155 lbs.: Rick Hawn def. Brent Weedman via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Luis Nogueira def. Hiroshi Nakamura via knockout at 1:58 of round three
155 lbs.: Rich Clementi def. Derek Campos via submission (guillotine) at 4:18 of round one

Preliminary Card

185 lbs.: Kelvin Tiller def. Jeremiah Riggs via submission (Kimura) in round three
135 lbs.: Derek Arcement def. Blake Dufour via unanimous decision
157 lbs.: Kyle Bradley vs. John Harris
185 lbs.: Jonas Billstein def. Mike Seal via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:55 of round one
170 lbs.: A.J. Matthews def. Charlie Rader via knockout at 3:34 of round two
174 lbs.: Keith Schneider vs. Josh Shockley

Hemmi here!

265 lbs.: Cole Konrad vs. Eric Prindle

Round one: Prindle throws a big combination but Konrad usees that to get inside, clinch and dump Prindle on his back. Konrad advances to half guard and he's hunting for a Kimura. He's cranking on the arm and Prindle grunts in pain and quickly taps out. Damn that was fast!

Final Result: Cole Konrad defeats Eric Prindle via submission (Kimura) at 1:00 of round one


155 lbs.: Rick Hawn vs. Brent Weedman

Round one: Weedman goes into stalk mode early and throws a nice left body kick and then a leg kick. Hawn lunges in with a pair of right hands and Weedman responds with an inside leg kick. Another slapping kick from Weedman gets through and he fires off an outside leg kick. They clinch and Hawn muscles Weedman around before separating. Hawn steps inside and throws a combination but Weedman shakes it off and puts him in the Thai clinch but Hawn backs out. Body kick from Weedman is caught and Hawn throws a right hand. Hawn connects with a left hook and a nice leg kick. Weedman fires back with a heavy leg kick which lands solidly. Weedman clinches but Hawn shrugs him off with ease. Weedman scores a body lock and throws a knee but Hawn trips him quickly and decides not to pounce. Weedman throws a nice left body kick and a straight left hand. Switch kick from Weedman connects and Hawn fires back with a quick straight left. They clinch and Weedman fires off some knees. 10-9 Weedman

Round two: The clinch and Weedman throws a pair of nice knees, going high with them and connecting. Weedman throws a switch kick and closes the distance but Hawn presses him into the fence, throws a nice body shot and backs off. Weedman throws a leg kick and eats a counter right hand from Hawn. They clinch and Weedman throws another nice knee. Hawn steps inside and Weedman lands a good right hand on the way in. Nice leg kick from Weedman and Hawn misses with an outside trip. Hawn attempts a hip toss but Weedman somehow handstands and survives it. That was pretty crazy. Hawn steps in with his right hand. Weedman's activity has reduced significantly and Hawn lands with the left and the right. Nice 1-2 from Hawn and Weedman lands a left hand right before the bell. 10-9 Hawn

Round three: Weedman comes out aggressively throwing leg kicks and straight punches to back Hawn up and Hawn responds with a counter left hook. Nice body kick by Weedman and then another. Hawn steps in and lands a nice right and then left hand. Hawn scores a beautiful trip takedown, taking top position in Weedman's closed guard. Hawn has a wide base and he's very tight, hanging on to Weedman. Hawn postures up and drops a few elbows and Weedman walks his guard up looking for a triangle but Hawn defends and stands up, looming over Weedman and threatening a dropping right hand. Hawn throws to the body and then a nice elbow from above. Weedman opens up his guard but he can't do anything from bottom and Hawn fires off some short punches and an elbow. Hawn backs off and Weedman explodes back to his feet with 45 seconds left. Weedman throws a knee and Hawn trips him but lets him back up. Knee from Weedman and he pushes Hawn into the fence. They trade knees until the bell. 10-9 Hawn

Final Result: Rick Hawn defeats Brent Weedman via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


135 lbs.: Hiroshi Nakamura vs. Luis Nogueira

Round one: Nogueira opens with some kicks and one lands low. They reset and clinch, but Nakamura lands a nice right hand on the exit. They clinch again and Nogueira feends off Nakamura's attack, connecting with some short punches before the Japanese fighter backs away. Nakamura shoots in and gets stuffed easily. Nakamura grabs a leg and Nogueira dives for a heel hook which forces Nakamura to back off. Nakamura catches a kick and scores a takedown, but Nogueira works his way back to his feet quickly and presses Nakamura into the fence. Nogueira lands some nice right hands on the inside and they stay up close until the round concludes. 10-9 Nogueira

Round two: Nogueiira opens aggressively stalking Nakamura and he fends off a takedown attempt easily. Nakamura initiates a clinch but Nogueira takes inside position and forces a break. Nogueira turns up the pressure, stepping in with some big punches and he opens up a cut over Nakamura's left eye. Nakamura shoots in for a single leg takedown but can't get it. Nogueira is having his way with him and he lifts Nakamura over his head and slams him violently to the canvas. Nogueira drops some heavy knees to the thighs of Nakamura as the Japanese fighter is on his way to his feet. Nakamura is bleeding heavily now and Nogueira lands a big left hand which briefly stuns Nakamura. Jumping knee connects for Nogueira and he's looking really confident right now. Now there's two cuts, one over each of Nakamura's eyes as time expires. 10-9 Nogueira

Round three: Nakamura comes out aggressively moving forward early, backing Nogueira up but he's not throwing many strikes. Nogueira starts to open up, throwing some nice strikes. Nakamura lowers his head and Nogueira BLASTS him with a huge right hand and drops him. Nogueira swarms Nakamura and some quick ground and pound puts him out! Nice!

Final Result: Luis Nogueira defeats Hiroshi Nakamura via knockout at 1:58 of round three


155 lbs.: Derek Campos vs. Rich Clementi

Round one: Clementi opens with a jumping head kick that is blocked. Campos presses forward with a combination of punches but Clementi is not concerned. Campos scores a nice leg sweep and Clementi falls to his back. Campos kicks at Clementi's legs and Clementi pops back to his feet. Nice leg kick from Campos and Clementi responds with a short left hook. Campos presses forward and pushes Clementi into the fence but backs off. Spinning back kick whiffs for Campos and he almost gets taken down. Another nice leg kick from Campos. Clementi shoots in and is working for a takedown but Campos fends him off, sprawling against the fence. Clementi is really working for the takedown and he finally gets it. Clementi passes to half guard and Campos is just hanging on hoping for a stand up. Campos retains full guard and pops back to his feet shooting in for a takedown and Clementi latches on a guillotine choke. Clementi keeps squeezing and Campos taps out.

Final Result: Rich Clementi defeats Derek Campos via submission (guillotine) at 4:18 of round one


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