7th Amateur Fight on June 2nd.

Good afternoon maniacs,

At the request of a few I decided to give an update on my training for my upcoming fight in two weeks.

Caged Aggression 33, MAXIMUM IMPACT (via swingmma)

I'll be fighting my final amateur fight at Caged Aggression 33 in Traverse City, Michigan. It's a rematch from a fight last December against Brett "Evil" Evans where I defeated him by pillow choke in the first round after he rocked me with a good left hook and I got a lucky take down.

Here's a video of out first fight on December 15th.

Cory Walter Vs Brett Evans Caged Aggression 30, (via swingmma)

He's a boxing base striker with limited kicks and not the most disciplined hands. His ground game is almost non-existent(assuming he hasn't improved rapidly in the last 5 months). However, with a current record of 7-8 I doubt he's going to change his training up a whole lot just for me. He asked for the rematch, and though I won't be cocky going into this fight, I'm actually more wary because I know his punching power, I feel like I have a very good chance at winning.

We haven't been training as much as I would like, but I feel more prepared for this fight than I have others in the past because I feel like the mystery is gone and I know what I'm doing a bit better.

Right now the game plan is simple, though I highly doubt he'll be reading this, don't think talking about it in full is a wise decision. However I will say I'm going to be more patient and varied with my strikes. I ran in like a fool.

"Hands down, chin up." seemed to be my motto after a few seconds in the cage with him. I've fixed up a few holes I've had in the past: hand placement, dipping my shoulder during the jab and circling into his power hand. I have also been working on circling away from strikes to get out of danger rather than moving straight back or just covering up.

I just hope I can put what we've been practicing into action during the fight.

Right now I'm about 218lbs and the fight is at 205lbs. I'm switching to soups and light meals today and over the next week I'm going to be doing sauna sits and runs with a sauna suit. Making weight shouldn't be an issue.

I'm actually holding the mitts here but only training photo I have access to right now.

This is going to be my last amateur fight regardless of the outcome. I'm going to start the police academy in July and I need to stay healthy for that and I'm already flirting with danger having only a month to recover if something crazy happens like a broken bone. It's a risk I'm willing to take however.

If I ever return to the cage/ring it will be a professional fight. I don't believe in staying stagnant and after fighting at the amateur level to a record of 5-1 with a possible 6-1 record with 5 submission wins I think I should try my hand at a small show if I ever come back. That fight would be at 185lbs though, no way I would try and fight light heavyweight at the professional level with this much body fat.

I'm 24 years old, 5'11'' tall and have a 75.5" reach, I have no wrestling experience and haven't had as much coaching as I would like. If I do come back, I will find a gym that has the time and personal I need before I put myself at risk.

Links to other fights on youtube (a good chunk of you probably have seen these) (my 27 second loss)

There you have it. Have a good week everyone!

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