LSC's 1-2 on recent MMA news


Wow, the weekend was quite the weekend!

Our Canadian Maniacs were busy partying up their 'May 24' and 'Victoria Day' so we all know Newfi3, jay. and Sarah- were a select few getting drunk and stoned (That's the only reason she didn't respond to your texts Jesse, the only reason)

It's quite amazing that Jon Jones was so jealous of the epic conclusion to the Strikeforce: Heavyweight Grand Prix that he had to try and one up Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett.

The trilogy of Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez and Josh Thomson came to a conclusion and once again it didn't disappoint. Melendez won the best of three, 2-1 and now has little to no options left in San Jose and needs new opponents, who's next?

Say tuned for the 1-2

The unfair treatment of Gilbert Melendez, Josh Thomson and the trilogy:

Wow, i can't believe how much hate this is getting and how everyone is flipping their script on Gilbert Melendez. He just had another great five round fight with his arch rival Josh Thomson, what else do you want?

I think some MMA fans need to be aware that once in a blue moon two guys match very, very well. Go look at Dennis Hallman's record and you will see two glaring sights; two wins over UFC legend and former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes.

Now, Josh Thomson may not even beat a top five lightweight in the world but for whatever reason he and Melendez will have long and even battles due to whatever one brings out in the other.

I still think Melendez is the real deal and even more so then what people consider Bellator's Eddie Alvarez is at. Melendez deserves a legit UFC opponent in Strikeforce or be brought over to the UFC. If you ask me I'd love to see Eddie Alvarez vs. Gilbert Melendez in Strikeforce and bring over that winner for an immediate title shot.

Jon 'DUI' Jones and my perspective:

Look, it is very easy for everyone to rock pile upon Jones while he has fucked up and I think much of it is warranted. He talked about his squeaky clean image, his revival from drinking with Rashad Evans and how he ratted on people for smoking weed.

He thought he was holier than thou.

Jones has to now admit he isn't a role model any more and is just a man who happens to be very good at what he does. I don't expect much from a 24 year old who is the biggest star at the moment and the talk of the town. He isn't a fucking victim either by any means.

I hate people who put innocent people at risk because of a dumb decision. Jones was so drunk he couldn't miss a fucking red tree in California-drunk. He took his Bentley and shoved into a pole and goes on Facebook and says he hates his haters, you fucked up Jones and based on you rhetoric you should hate who you are. You have became what you judged and how you going to fix it?

I guess he'd rather die from a pole than an H-Bomb.

Nick Diaz and the NSAC's bullshit:

Note to Keith Kizer, you're never going to have fans or be paid like the guys you try and make a name off. You are the most obvious case of a jealous person who believes it is cool to make 'examples' of people in MMA but you seem to have no problem with most boxers.

I am not saying Diaz didn't deserve to be suspended because fan or not, he broke the rules. The charade that the commission put on yesterday as relayed by Brian Hemminger was a joke. They knew what they were going to do and they couldn't wait to use that sixty-thousand dollars to swim in.

Explain to me NSAC, what did Nick's childhood and high school life had to do with anything related to a positive piss test?.

I really hope people see this in the light I do; Nick deserved to be punished for breaking the rules but my god is the NSAC an ugly and rather unprofessional institute. I understand that the UFC needs to do shows there but it has come down to a point where you just have to say "Fuck that, ain't worth our time".

LSC's quick thoughts:

-Cormier vs. Carwin makes a lot of sense and it sucks they owe a +1 fight to Showtime. Barnett should get a fight which could parlay to the UFC. The way Cormier dominated all five rounds was something else.

-When the best fight for the light heavyweight strap is Gegard Mousasi and Rafael Fejao it is time to bring them over.

-It is funny how people shit on Faber for these 'undeserved' title shots but when you drop down and smash the #2 guy. He has been a huge reason most of these 135LBS and 145LBS guys are on any spotlight.

-I could've sworn that Bonnar wanted a big fight..why Forrest on TUF? why not get you and winner of Bader-Machida?

(A country boy can survive!)


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