Hendo is gonna SMASH JBJ

HAHA yea right

Can't believe there are actually clowns on this site that believe Hendo has a chance in this
fight. Hendo is an overrated ass hound who's better days are behind him, and actually, his best
days weren't all that great. His biggest win was against a past his prime Wandy - who proved to
be nothing more than an even more past his prime scrub - by being the only guy in like 12 years to
not KO chuck...seriously, how can someone be so horrible as not to be able to KO Chuck in this day
and age??? And to prove how horrible Wandy had become over the years, a guy who Wandy had
previously slaughtered, put him in a shallow grave with a chlorophorm left hook.

"Oh, but Hella, what about his win over Fedor?" You mean the guy who got his face smashed in for
an entire round by a guy who changes tires at a Sam's club? And then went on to get finished 3
straight times? Fedor is the Chuck of the HW division. Fedor's last legitimate win was a, I have no idea.

Hendo lost 3 straight title shots to people in 3 different weight classes...Rampage, Silva, and a
freaking welterweight Jake Shields...he was 0-3 in title fights before he FINALLY got a belt
against a wack ass Fay Jow or whatever his name is, I don't even remember...but come on, what kind
of competition has Fay Jow faced?? But if a guy keeps being gifted title shots eventually he's
gonna win...unless his name is Kenny Florian.

Hendo is a cheating, steroid taking drug addict. And even with all of those steroids he's got
pumping through his drug infested veins, he still managed to lose 3 straight title shots to guys
who fight in 3 different weight classes. That is sad son. His so called "TRT" steroid abuse is
supposed to "even the playing field", but apparently this clown sucks so bad that even his
constant steroid abuse can't keep him from going 2 rounds without looking like he just ran a 20
mile marathon.

Jones is going to dismantle this Hendo dicksuckers better go ahead and grab your Hello
Kitty onesies and prepare to wipe away the guyliner running down the raging waterfall tears that
are sure to pour...this dude has nothing to offer...all JBJ has to do is stuff like 2 takedowns in
the 1st round and dodge 3 right hands and your beloved Hendo will be leaning over panting like he
just finished working 14 hours in a coal mine. Hendo is about to be should probably
start youtubing old Pride vids and reminisce about the good ole days, cause that shit is
OVER...Hendo is FINISHED...this shit is going to be a MASSACRE unlike we've seen in a LHW fight in
a long time...I can't stand Hendo, but I actually feel bad for the guy in this fight. I want to
see him lose, but I really don't want to see the guy star in a snuff film.

R.I.P Hendo..



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