Movie scenes that effed with your head (in an awesome way)


Happy Friday!

I know a lot of us like to talk movies on here and I wanted to get some feedback from my beloved Maniacs on movies you watched growing up, or, more specifically, movie scenes that either changed the way you look at cinema or just flat-out fucked with your head.

Here's mine.

When I was nine, I was a pretty smooth talker. So smooth, in fact, that I convinced my witless uncle (who was stuck babysitting me) that I was hip enough to hang with the big boys at an R-rated movie. And for the most part, I was right. My dad made drinking, cursing and beating into an art form, so what could Hollywood possibly throw at me?

Like they say, be careful what you wish for.

So we piled into Uncle T's pick-up and hightailed it on over to the local Cineplex for THE THING.

I was never the same.

Partly because the movie was so fucking awesome, but at the same time, it had traumatized me for a long-ass time. I'm talking years.

So here it is, my entry into the movie scenes that fucked with your head (in an awesome way).

Nine years old. Dark movie theater. THE THING.

Babysitting fail.

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