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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held UFC on Fuel 3 this past Tuesday (May 15th) and it was a card riding on the main event.

'The Korean Zombie' Jung Chan Sung took on Dustin Poirier in a featherweight tilt that didn't disappoint. The crowd in Fairfax, VA was red hot for this bout and once again the 'Korean Zombie' was able to get a 'Fight of the Night' bonus in the thriller.

The night of fights was criticized by SBnation's own Thomas Myers who felt this business is treading into 'over-saturation' but does anyone remember those six weeks of no events? I DO and it sucked.

We have the highly anticipated bout between the UFC heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos and his mentor's kryptonite, Frank Mir. It seems like everyone is basically saying that Dos Santos will land a shot and knockout him out, clean. Nobody is showing Mir any respect and I'm unsure if it's his personality or his skills at this point.

Stay tune for more on the rundown.

The Rise of the Zombie:

Coming into the UFC, Jung Chan-Sung was 0-2 in his last two bouts and 1-3 in his past four. There was no expectations but that he was a brawler and a fun fight. He had the 2010 'Fight Of The Year' when he fought Leonard Garcia at WEC 48. It didn't matter because he was at the losing end and seemed like another doomed fighter used for 'exciting fights' only, a special attraction.

Since. 'The Korean Zombie' has entered the Octagon he has went a very impressive 3-0, 4 UFC 'Of The Night' bonuses and avenged his WEC 48 loss to Garcia at with a 'twister' which earned him 'Submission Of The Year'

It's amazing because how many fighters who seemed of a finer grade than the 'Zombie' never evolved while at the highest peak a mixed martial artist could compete at?. We've all had favorites who never got to another level because they failed to work harder or change their style/camp while here.

'The Korean Zombie' in one year has become an absolute star and should get the winner of Aldo/Koch at UFC 149. People want to see him fight again and they know what they are getting in Chan-Sung.

"In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What's in your head,"

UFC 146 and the doubt of Frank Mir:

Well it sure seems like no one should buy UFC 146 because we all know that JDS is knocking Frank Mir out cold and there is no way he can win this.

Have you heard this one?

I know Mir has had troubles with bigger opponents and some bumps after a turbulent accident on his motorcycle. Mir has lost his last two attempts at the heavyweight and interim heavyweight championship to Shane Carwin (UFC 111) and Brock Lesnar (UFC 100). He has rattled off three strong wins over Mirko Cro Cop (UFC 119), Roy Nelson (UFC 130) and broke JDS' mentor's arm in Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

Mir has lost to bigger stronger wrestlers but when he was evenly matched in his size he has done well. He has went 5-2 in his past seven and has four stoppages ( 2 TKO/KO's and 2 Submissions). Mir is also an interesting 10-1 while fighting in Las Vegas and has won the UFC heavyweight and UFC interim heavyweight title in Vegas.

Home is where the hurt is for Dos Santos? Another tidbit is that Dos Santos has only fought once in Las Vegas where he knocked out Gilbert Yvel.

The Ultimate Fight: Live is 'meh':

The latest addition of the 'Ultimate Fighter' has been very lackluster and Uncle Dana knows this or why else is he firing back?.

They brought in the very attractive and talented Ronda Rousey and the numbers were 'meh' and now they are using the announcement of Faber's new UFC 148 opponent as the catalyst to spark interest.....guess they didn't hear about twitter.

Now, if the UFC announced that his new opponent would help coach alongside Cruz then maybe I'd be a lot more interested. I think it's time for the UFC to do another 'The Comeback' and either feature past TUF contestants looking to come back or use Nate Diaz vs. the Edgar/Bendo winner since I'm sure all parties will want/need a break before we resolve that dealio.

LSC quick thoughts:

-To the judge who scored the bout 30-27 for Igor Pokrajac, you're a moron and a disgrace.

-Fedor, if you KO Rizzo; retire or get one fight in the UFC.

-Don't turn your back on the Melendez-Thomson fight, watch the first two and you'll see these two bring the best out of one another.

-Yves Jabouin did a good job, why all the hate?

-Josh Barnett vs. Daniel Cormier will prove where Barnett lies after all these years and where Cormier has to grow. I am sorta leaning Cormier for his striking power, Barnett's issues with strikers but if this goes to the ground with 'Warmaster' on top, 'War Master' wins.

(And just for our friend Mot)

Kiai Master vs MMA fighter

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