Junior dos Santos shuns Frank Mir’s constant trash talk, aims for knockout at UFC 146

Frank Mir is one of the most well spoken fighters in mixed martial arts (MMA) today. So-much-so that Zuffa had the confidence to put Mir as a World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) commentator from time-to-time before it closed shop and all fighters were absorbed into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) ranks.

And he did a very good job at it, too.

With his eloquent speaking style, however, Mir has a tendency to use it to get under his opponents skins, as well, being one of the great trash-talkers in the game today.

Sure, it's all part of selling the fight and drawing attention to the upcoming event. However, some people don't particularly care too much for it. One of those people is none other than his upcoming opponent at the UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir event, UFC Heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos.

"Cigano" is quite possibly one of the nicest and most humble people you can ever meet. That's not to say Mir isn't, he is, actually, but one of the big differences between the two is that Junior usually shuns trash-talking and goes out and lets his fist do the talking for him, while Frank doesn't mind a little bit of extracurricular chatting.

Appearing on "The MMA Hour," dos Santos says he is growing old of listening to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt bad mouth he and his mentor, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, whom Mir has a very extensive history with, but says, though he doesn't appreciate the constant banter, he doesn't try to make a fight with him personal.

Check it out:

"He likes to talk a lot, and I don't agree with that. Yeah, as a fighter, he is a pretty good fighter. He got pretty good jiu-jitsu skills and he is a good striker too, but he likes to talk, and that is not so good to me to hear when he says something stupid. When he fought "Big Nog" my mentor, he said a lot of things, and now, he says he is going to smash my joints in the fight. I saw in the PRIMETIME too, he said that. But, you know, I don't care about that because I know he likes to promote the fight. But, sometimes it isn't too good to hear. (But)It's never personal for me, it's my job, I don't know him personally and he doesn't know me personally. It's very professional, I just want to win the fight. I don't want to hurt him or get hurt. I just want to beat him in the fight. I don't care who the UFC wants me to fight. Now, it's Frank Mir and I'm looking for a war in the cage with him."

Personal or not, Junior has high praise for his opponents abilities, but reiterates once again that his confidence lies in the power he possesses in his hands, but isn't afraid to surprise people with his ground skills should the fight hit the mat:

"I know Frank Mir is going to try to take me down and use his very good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he got good strikes too, but I believe so much in my hands, and all the fights start on the standing, so I think I can take advantage on that and keep this fight on feet and I will be looking for the knockout for sure. I want to knock him out and I will give my best to knock him out. If the fights goes to the ground, I don't want to put the fight on the ground, but if he takes me down or something like that and holds me there, I will show my jiu-jitsu for everybody. I can tell you I'm ready to fight, it doesn't matter where. I can surprise everyone fighting on the ground, too."

UFC 146 is set to go down next weekend (May 26, 2012) from the MGM Grand Garden Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in a card that features the UFC's first ever all Heavyweight main card.

In what will be his first title defense since winning the belt from Cain Velasquez last November at UFC on Fox 1, "Cigano" will look to keep his undefeated streak in the UFC (8-0) alive while Mir aims for his fourth win in a row and looks to capture the heavyweight title for the third time.

In this classic striker vs. grappler heavyweight tilt, only one can prevail and show why he truly deserves to be called the best heavyweight in the world.

But who will it be? The crafty submission specialist Mir? Or the always dangerous knockout artist dos Santos?

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