Nick Diaz no-shows Brazilian jiu-jitsu super fight against Braulio Estima

Nick Diaz failed to arrive for his World Jiu-Jitsu Expo superfight against Braulio Estimo in typical Nick Diaz fashion.

Diaz gotta Diaz.

Nick Diaz was all set to fight multiple time world champion Brazilian jiu-jitsu player Braulio Estima in the main event of the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo tonight (May 12, 2012) in Long Beach, California.

But first he had to show up.

Estima showed up, had a tough weight cut, but made weight for their bout, which was the headliner of the inaugural event that was being put online via a pay-per-view stream for $9.95, but Diaz didn't.

Instead, fans were left scratching their heads. After all, the bout was supposed to be for charity. There had been reports throughout the night that Diaz hadn't shown up yet, but most just assumed he was being fashionably late.

When he completely no-showed the main event, the fans in attendance and around the world were justifiably livid.

His opponent, Braulio Estima, took to the microphone to announce that he had actually showed up, flown in from England made weight and had done his part. He even went as far as to challenge Diaz to an MMA fight, saying he would beat him in Diaz's realm since apparently Diaz didn't want to fight him in his.

Estima, being an incredibly accomplished grappler, had been boasting about being the first man to submit Diaz in competition.

Perhaps Diaz believed him?

Diaz is currently serving a suspension in mixed martial arts (MMA) for testing positive for THC metabolites after his interim title fight against Carlos Condit at UFC 143, but Brazilian jiu-jitsu bouts are perfectly legal without upsetting any commissions.

Do you Maniacs have any theories on what Diaz was actually doing instead of showing up to his contracted BJJ super-fight?

To see a full play-by-play of the fights that actually happened at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, click here.

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