Cyborg Santos steroids suspension upheld, secret summer Strikeforce showdown with Ronda Rousey scrapped

Former Strikeforce women's champion Cristiane Santos had her long-awaited day in "court" this afternoon (April 9, 2012), pleading her case before the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

Her story, which hinged on unknowingly ingesting a "dietary supplement" that contained steroids (Stanzolol metabolites) on the advice of a "trusted individual," simply didn't hold up, which essentially means that the 145-pound female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter will have to sit on the sidelines until Dec. 2012.

That's a year-long suspension that dates back to her 16-second knockout win over Hiroko Yamanaka back on Dec. 17, 2011, in San Diego, Calif., which was later ruled a "No Contest" because of the banned substance detected in her post-fight urinalysis.

"Cyborg," unsuccessfully, requested to have the suspension, which also included a $2,500 fine, trimmed to just six months. The result was a bitter pill to swallow, but one that the Brazilian already seems to trying to put in the rear-view mirror.

She posted this forward-thinking message on her Facebook page (via Yahoo!Sports) shortly after the ruling:

"I want to thank all my fans, friends, coaches, legal counsel, and sponsors who are with me. Unfortunately, we could not reduce my penalty. I'm sad. But, after a storm in the morning, see the sun shine. Nothing like a day after another day. Soon I will come back better than ever, I promise. Thank my God, always keep praising You."

Prior to the setback, Santos steamrolled through her competition under the Strikeforce banner since making her way over in 2009, with wins over notable female fighters like Gina Carano and Marloes Coenen. Those victories, even if she was clean at the time, will now likely be forever tainted in the eyes of the public.

There's a lot of that going around lately.

Regardless, Strikeforce has a new Queen Bee to keep the Strikeforce female hive, as well as its fans, buzzing until Santos' return ... if the promotion is even interested in retaining her services after this fiasco, of course.

Her name is Ronda Rousey. And the 135-pound champion -- who just scored an arm-popping submission (see the pic here) over Miesha Tate earlier this year to earn the crown -- has "no respect" for a "cheater" like Santos.

Nonetheless, "Rowdy" and "Cyborg," who are 10 pounds apart, were apparently penciled in to collide this summer had the suspension been reduced. At least that was the plan, according to an affidavit that Santos' legal team submitted to CSAC prior to the hearing.

Looks like it's Sarah Kaufman's lucky day.

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