Fight Week Blog Week: Fighting the Power Part 1


I am Tomas Taverin, I'm am 19 years old and I spend my time training at Vega Muay Thai, home of Muay Thai fighter Brazilian born Seridas Vega. I also spend time training at Nova Uniao and Elite BJJ(Sister Camp of Brazilian Top Team). I am 5'6 and fight in the 135lb weight division. I've been training since I was 6 years old, because I wasn't old enough to date, My Uncle's a Gym Rat and he's all I got so I figured why not? I'm a Muay Thai Kickboxer and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under Royler Gracie.

On April 7th I fought American Fighter Kris Keller, whom fights out of Team Tiger Schulmann.

And I couldn't be happier to say that I whooped an American's ass than I am now.

Fight Coverage after the jump.

I was originally expected to face Marco J. Ribeiro in continuation of the Bantamweight tournament I was recently involved in, but he pulled out of the fight last February.

So I'm taking this one with a grain of rice as I've become so accustomed to, because I've fought Douchebags, but this guy was seriously on fire all week.

At the area we fought at, The Tropical Brasilia Resort(really nice place check that out when you get a chance) was fine and dandy, as was my fight camp. But when I was introduced to my opponent on April 5 for the first time ever, I was completed disgusted by his actions. Not only was this guy a blonde hair moron with tattoos galore; he was wearing an American Flag Ralph Lauren Polo, like how fucking are old are you ?

Later on, he told me personally you should have never signed this contract bro, first reaction: Why is this man touching me, secondly why is he calling me bro? He goes on to say I didn't come all the way to Brazil to lose to no kid. So, I virtually ignored the fact that this guy was talking out of his ass and that he looked like MGK which was obviously horrible enough, but it didn't end their.

Kris came into the Weigh Ins with an American Flag shirt on tightest I've ever seen on a man. He gets on the scale and weighs in at 138 lbs, 2 pounds that he REFUSED to cut. He walks into me and pushes my forehead with his and the guy pushes me half way across the room and says Brazil going down BOY!!!!

What the shit just happened? My coaches Bruno, Seridas and Eduardo Dantas where also completely unaware of what the hell just happened. So Fight Night, This guy weighs in at 150? like this dude is all out of order man!

So in the fight he doesn't give me dap and throws 2 sucker punches, we tie up and I trip him down and quickly pass to side mount, step my foot over his right ear and put him in a Kimura. He rolls in top position and I begin to trap his head and push his arm forward while actually stepping on his other hand holding it down. I twerk and I tap him from the bottom position in my guard. The ref sits him up and he tries throws a punch while I'm on the ground, and the referee pulls him back. I celebrate and shortly after the official decision was announced I try to shake his hand because hey why not? And he completely avoids me and storms out of the cage.

Needless to find out that this was actually a pro fighter with a record of 2-0, and even after all this I realized that this guy was a complete douchebag, lowering his fight status to fight what he believe to be a weak "amateur". The reason is still unknown as to why he did this, but I couldn't care less.

So Far, So Good Maniacs

Part 2 will be the video montage of fight week. Chiao!

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