Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 episode 5 post-fight power rankings

Urijah Faber (R) and his team were able to keep control and the momentum with a win over Dominick Cruz (L) and his squad in the fifth episode of TUF 15 on FX, LIVE.

Another episode of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15: "Live" has come and gone, and things are starting to heat up, with coach Urijah Faber and his team getting back in the competition with its second straight win.

In this week's LIVE fight, "Team Faber's" Michael Chiesa looked to help his team keep control, as well make his recently deceased father proud, ataking on "Team Cruz's" Jeremy Larsen.

Going into the fight, everyone knew that Chiesa was going to look to use his takedowns and his length to control his opponent and make things uncomfortable for him, on the way to he hoped would be a victory. Chiesa did a great job of following the gameplan and -- even though he lost a point in the first round for an illegal, accidental knee -- he was able to do enough to win a clear-cut decision.

Chiesa will move on in the competition. Larsen will go back to the drawing board. That's just how this game goes.

Let's check out the TUF 15 episode 5 post-fight power rankings:

My only regret is that I'm unable to rank Chris Tickle any lower. Sadly, you can't go lower than the bottom. However, if I could create a new bottom, a basement for the rankings, that is where I would place him. After five episodes, I couldn't be more tired of his antics, excuses and whining. His coach, Dominick Cruz, also seems ready to part ways the problematic team member.

Other than that, nothing real revolutionary happened this week. It's hard to put anyone higher or lower, other than the two men who competed in the actual live fight.

Let's check out the rankings as they currently stand after five episodes:

(Note: The numbers in parenthesis indicate each fighter's ranking from the previous week.)

1) Justin Lawrence (1)
2) Al Iaquinta (2)
3) Sam Sicilia (3)
4) Joe Proctor (4)
5) James Vick (5)
6) Michael Chiesa (6)
7) Mike Rio (7)
8) Vinc Pichel (8)
9) John Cofer (9)
10) Chris Saunders (11)
11) Andy Ogle (12)
12) Chris Tickle (13)

Jeremy Larsen (RIP)

Thankfully, Chris Tickle will finally enter the cage next week, squaring off against Joe Proctor in the LIVE fight for episode six. I'd never insinuate foul play on the part of a coach, but it's hard to think Cruz would be devastated if Tickle took a beating in this fight.

If you weren't able to catch all the LIVE action, no worries. Read a complete recap of TUF 15: "Live" Episode 5 right here.

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