Good Friday Friday Fun on Good Friday.......Pick Your Death Match....

As its Good Friday, and i live in a time zone that allows me to post first, I decided to get in quickly with this one.

You all may have had fantastic ideas for a Good Friday Fun thread, but screw you I got here first, you can thank the Earths spin for that.

As we all know, Good Friday was created purely and simply to be "Good", and to give us a long weekend and celebrate the Chicken harvest, which is why we eat chocolate eggs on the Sunday, which the great Chicken God bestoweth upon us once every year, Its like St Patricks day, but without the fecking Irish.

So to celebrate the joyous occasion that the Chicken God gave his life for, (So we can have Eggs, Milk, Salt and Pepper Wings, KFC and McChicken Sandwiches), the Chicken god says pick your Death Match.......

Who would you like to see fight to the death?

Don't worry though, the great Chicken God will bring the loser back to life on Sunday, so the loser will only be bereft of life for a couple of days, so don't feel bad about your choices.

My choice would be Jesse Holland versus a wood chipping machine......

Or ULF versus a Double ended Dildo....

Or even Me versus a week without Alcohol.....

Decisions Decisions.....

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