Report: Alistair Overeem T/E ratio comes back a whopping 14:1 following failed drug test

Photo of Alistair Overeem by Jack Dempsey via Associated Press.

Not much room for debate here, folks.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight number one contender Alistair Overeem, who flunked a surprise drug test in advance of his UFC 146 title fight opposite Junior dos Santos on May 26 in Las Vegas, has returned a staggering testosterone-to-epitestosterone (T/E) ratio of 14:1 in his failed urine test, according to Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director Keith Kizer.

MMA Fighting has the report:

The average male produces a T/E ratio around 1:1. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) uses a 4:1 standard for positive tests, and NSAC uses 6:1 as its cutoff, a number used by WADA up until 2006. Overeem has the right to ask for his B-sample to be tested to ensure the accuracy of the result. That would likely trigger a carbon isotope ratio test, which would determine whether the testosterone in his body was natural or synthetic.


Overeem, who is innocent of any wrongdoing until proven guilty, can still exonerate himself by requesting that his "B" sample be tested to negate the initial findings; however, "Demolition Man" has yet to respond to the NSAC and at this time, his UFC 146 title fight against "Cigano" is on hold.

For now.

By comparison, Chael Sonnen's T/E ratio following his failed urine test in the wake of his middleweight title fight in the UFC 117 main event back in October 2010, was 16.9:1. Sonnen, who routinely competes with a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) stemming from his Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), was clipped by the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC).

Misery loves company.

Stay tuned to for ongoing updates to Overeem's questionable status for the upcoming UFC 146 event, as they become available.

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