Mania Money Pool Season 7: An Invitation To Those Who Were Born With Nutsacks





Okay maniacs. As most of you are aware, the new season of the Money Pool is fast approaching with the first event in less than ten (10) days away.

Last season, the formation of the Dark Side proved useful for The Dark Sith DetroitDrew as he scored impressively and won the whole thing (heck, he is even number two in the whole of PG). What made this remarkable is that he never won a single event but he managed to pick the correct winners, methods and rounds consistently. Rookie ItalianStallion54 proved this season that even a rookie can place 3rd in the pool and beat regulars.

Now this new season is your opportunity to create a new story line for the Money Pool. Now, most of the 2012ers and regular posters here indicated how much they want to be a part of this much sought-after elite membership club. Now is the time to actually show your mettle, grow your balls, and prove to us that you actually have pairs of nutsacks by signing up to join the money pool.

These people won an event last season and will be your toughest competitors for the upcoming Money Pool:

Yan117, BNF, Rolandando, Ulf_Murphy, BNF, ShivanTiger, freenow82, ItalianStallion54, ViolentMike, The Pride

This new season will be redemption for these Tim Sylvias, Andrei Arlovskis and Royce Gracies:

Agar, NNR, rickydooby/sticky fingers, jayw27, Two_Words, sarah, kg12, Deuce02

Of course, you still have to worry about the threat of the Dark Side:

scarnon, Jido7, Loonz, The Pride, Phasebook

Scottidog and the rookies are also formidable threat.

I don't want to scare you off but if you think you can outsmart, outwit and outpick these people, then step up to the challenge and enlist now in the Money Pool.

Don't give up excuses like you can't do research because you can't afford a computer (yes, I am talking to you Cruz Jackson!) or you just don't have time (paging OJR!). I am also calling out Lesnar's Striking Coach and wolfman to join so you can give us a challenge.

How do I Join:

a) Create an account at

b) Email Commissioner Jay ( that you are interested to join. He will tell you how you can settle the fee

c) Jay will invite you in Playground to join the Camp, accept it and you are in.

d) The most important thing: The cut-off is the day before the second event. That means one (1) day before MAY 15! (UFC on FUEL 3 event) Jay must have already received your payments.

Now let's keep this rolling. If you have questions, violent reactions or additional information, please feel free to comment below and let you voices be heard.

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