The Evolution of Jon Jones'... Haters

Being a Jones Bones Jones nuthugger has been VERY entertaining over the last few years. His size, speed, attitude, confidence, worth ethic and abilities have made him the best fighter in the game right now. He shows no signs of peaking, and is at such a young age he could eventually become the greatest fighter to ever live.

But, the best part about being a Bones fan is to hear what the haters have to say after each of his consecutive victories. The hatred, that began for him as he began to gain notoriety, has grown exponentially. Lets follow JBJ’s carrer, along with what the haters have said over the last few years…

After beating Stephan Bonnar he got a little notoriety, and a little hate. He went on to destroy Brandon Vera and Valdy Matyushenko and increasingly the haters grew as did his name. He began to be thrown around as a top 5 LHW and people (haters) lost their minds. At this point the argument was that he had not fought anyone with any real talent and once he did he would lose. Well, as we know that didn’t happen.

He then fought the other ‘up and comer’ in the 205 weight class, Ryan Bader. Another dominating victory, which again he did not get his due for, people again saying he was nothing compared to the ‘Big 5’ of the LHWs.

Then came Shogun, what I believe was the tipping point of the hater bandwagon. The haters proclaimed Shogun was going to destroy JBJ; that his striking abilities were so much greater than Jones’ abilities that it wasn’t even going to be close. Well, Shogun, probably one of the best 205 pounders of all time, tapped to trikes. He was decimated and humiliated.

At this point the haters came out in droves. Saying everything from Shogun is too old, he was out of shape, he hadn’t fully recovered from his knee injuries, ect. Again JBJ did not get the credit he deserved for tearing apart the current champion and a legend in the 205 weight class.

Before the Jackson fight I remember a specific post that stated ‘If he ragdolls Page like he did Shogun then I will give him respect”. Well, he did. Then made Lyoto tap, and now dominated Rashad Evans for 5 rounds.

At this point the haters have been limited to only being able to saying ‘he didn’t finish Rashad’, ‘I don’t like the kind of person he is’, and my personal favorite, ‘JDS would knock him out at Heavyweight’.

Jones has DOMINATED the 205lb weight class like no one thought could be done. A weight class that before his reign was considered the most competitive in the UFC. He has beaten what was considered the best of the best, all in impressive fashion. Henderson will be another test for him which brings different worries for his game all together. But, if/when he dominates Hendo, what will the haters say next?

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