Where do the fallen go from here?

Good Sunday morning,

I got home late last night so I decided to skip church(shocking?)

But I decided to write up my first fan post since the ill received MMA Hall of Fame posts a couple months back:

Where do the nights "losers" go from here?

Rashad Evans:

Rematch with Lyoto Machida? Only other loss on his record and Machida himself is coming off a loss to Jon Jones as well.

Move down to 185lbs. (I'm in favor of this) He could be and would be an instant contender, someone who might have the skill set to beat Anderson Silva.

Che Mills / Stephen Thompson:

Lots of BJJ and wrestling improvements. Both these guys had issues with their opponents ground games. MacDonald is a beast on the ground, whereas Brown really isn't... so Thompson looked ironically worse in his loss.

Che Mills had almost no offense so it's hard to judge. Thompson had great striking(no surprise) and was lighting up Brown. Browns post fight interview: can we say concussion?

Thompson needs cardio improvements!

Both these guys are new to the UFC and are 1-1 in the promotion. Both are strikers. Could be a fun fight.

Not sure who I would take, but I would lean towards Thompson.

Brendan Schaub / Chad Griggs:

I think we all had a feeling that Schaub was chinny, but not so chinny that he would get KTFO by Ben Frickin' Rothwell in the stand up. Schuab is too big to cut to 205lbs so he's stuck at heavyweight for his career. For a golden gloves boxer he has a lot of work to do in his striking defense.

Griggs was outsized as much as he was outskilled against Travis Browne. Browne had a ground game(purple belt?) but he's known for his striking. Griggs... he's just mutton chops crazy(sorta like Dingo ate my baby crazy, only male and American) and he's fun to watch. He game in at a stocky 228lbs.

Maybe a cut to light heavyweight for him? Then again at 33 he's not exactly a younger fighter and with a record of 11-2, he's not shit.

If the stays at heavyweight, I say match these two up. Schuab either gets his decision win and starts moving up, or Griggs brawls him into a TKO win early. I would like to see Schuab gone after 3 loses.

So go "Grave Digger!!"

Miguel Torres:

WTF man? It may only be your 2nd KO loss but this drops you to 3-4 in your last 7 fights.

At 31 years old he should have a lot of career left: lets see what he does with it.

I say set him up with Norifumi Yamamoto. That would be an awesome fight.

Mark Hominick:

Again: WTF man? You had what appeared to be a hand picked opponent! You get dropped in the first and 2nd round by a guy who doesn't hold a candle to Jose Aldo, a man you took the distance and looked good doing it, and you get dropped twice?

I don't know where he's gonna go from here. After 3 straight (Especially with 2 of the 3 winning FOTN) losses his job isn't in jeopardy, but if he doesn't win this next one he's gonna be in major trouble.

Does Michihiro Omigawa have an opponent yet?

John Alessio / Efrain Escudero

Both lost decisions. And frankly I don't care about Efrain and I wasn't sold on Alessio either.

I say match them up together and see what happens: I would pick a decision win for Alessio.

John Makdessi:

Missed weight, had some cool striking exchanges with Njokunai. Two losses in a row and a third will likely result in cut from the UFC.

Who would you pair him up with?

Maximo Blanco:

I was expecting a wild man, somewhat like I saw in the lone fight I've seen(his stirkeforce fight). Instead he let Brimage dictate the fight.

I'm disappointed. Not sure who to pair him up with, but he'd better come to fight next time.

Keith Wisniewski:

Two losses in a row to Josh Neer and now Chirs Clements. This is his 2nd stint in the UFC.

Maybe he's not UFC caliber? I don't like to be too negative but.... meh...

What are you takes on this? What would you have the nights fallen do now?

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