Why Mania Trips Work : Casa de Deuce Edition


Ever since the inaugural Philly trip in 2009; I have made it a point to reach out to the other members of our awesome community through the annual Mania trips.

This was in the hopes that I could establish some friendly acquaintances with people who love MMA like I do.

I do have friends who appreciate sports but when it comes to MMA -

I am in search of a wolfpack.

the hangover

I was lucky enough to meet people who treated me with decency and respect during each of those trips :



Big Zino




(and other lurkers / occasional posters who came to the Philly and Las Vegas trips).

And then there are some regulars who I communicate with outside of this public forum (whom already have my respect).

I hope to meet them on a Mania trip someday.


I land in AZ for Easter weekend and this goateed, ginger man picks me up at the airport and lets me stay at his place for free (no homo).

Friday's Itinerary : IT'S IN THE HOLE.


When you look this pretty in pink - you too can wear a sharp (gay) looking hat.

Deuce tees off.

Highlights -

* Deuce's man cave consists of 2 flat screen HDTV's, a bar and a sports memorabilia wall (autographed jerseys, pictures and trading cards).

* He also has a music library consisting of 25 straight days of music. Ridiculous.

* The next door neighbor asked me 4 consecutive times if I drank. I replied no each time. He then gave me a drink.

* I could see Mars and Venus in the clear AZ sky. Nice.


Saturday's Itinerary : Now, this is the plan. Get your ass to Mars.


Highlights -

* I ate rattlesnake meatballs, cactus fries, and barbecued bison kebob. I drank saspirilla (sweet root beer).

* I learned that a "crunchy" is slang for a tree hugging hippie.

* A shop owner who looked like this :

ignored our presence in her store until Deuce asked for a price quote on a knife.

She gave him the numbers but also refused to let him see a more expensive knife (she assumed that he could not afford it).

Her words of wisdom after staring us down? - "You get what you pay for!"

She then went back to ignoring us.

That's what I get for hanging with a crunchy Deuce.


Sunday's Itinerary : Guns don't kill people! But they sure help.

AZ Indian Reservation

Highlights -

* Deuce brags about being an AZ native and knowing his way around the desert (while wearing flip flops). And then he stabs himself on the foot with a cactus.

* I pointed my loaded guns at the guys while I asked a question.


Other tidbits -

* El Jefe (Deuce's roommate) is a hopeless Cubs fan and looks like Jesus.

* AZ is full of ex-Chicagoans.

* Deuce keeps a secret snitch file (surprise, surprise). After meeting an acquaintance of his, Deuce asked me in a whisper, "Fake Chicago or real Chicago? What about his wife???"

* I have seen one of Deuce's kicks on a heavy bag. Don't mess with soccer players. Seriously.

* Kimbo Slice does not live on the AZ Indian Reservation.

Thanks for reading!

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