Video: Controversial Brock Lesnar interview from WWE Monday Night RAW

Photo of Brock Lesnar via

"This is real ... I'm coming for a fight."

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar made just his third appearance as a born-again pro wrestler last night since returning to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) earlier this month.

And he's already ruffled a few feathers.

On the April 16, 2012 edition of WWE's Monday Night RAW, Lesnar delivered a profanity-laced interview that had the censors scrambling for the bleep-button, as the "Brockness Monster" tore his way through sports entertainment's top draw, former WWE Champion John Cena.

Lesnar unloads:

"I'm not a superstar, I'm an ass kicker. I am Brock Lesnar, that's it. I left the WWE, everybody thought, here's a guy, there's no way in hell he's gonna make it in the UFC, but I climbed that mountain and became UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world and I proved everybody wrong. Why did I come back to the WWE? This isn't a feel-good moment. This isn't 'Oh I miss coming through the curtain, I miss all the fans.' At the end of the day, I don't care about anybody but Brock Lesnar. For me this is strictly business. We need a guy to legitimize this company and Brock Lesnar is that guy. We're tired of John Cena's bullcrap. John Cena is not the real guy. The only reason John is in the spot that he's in is because I left. If I was still around for the last eight years, John Cena's the guy that'd be carrying my bags into the building. There's nothing about Brock Lesnar that's fake. It was very evident last week when I took John Cena down and busted his mouth open. This is real. What's running through John Cena's mind? I don't give a crap what's running through his mind. What's more important is what's running down his leg. Piss. The guy's scared. Shitting his pants is what he's doing. This isn't a wrestling match on April 29, this is an 'Extreme Rules' match. I got one objective in mind: Utter freakin' chaos. Bring the pain to John Cena. I'm comin' for a fight John Cena. What makes me happy? Beatin' people up, that makes me happy."

And seeing Lesnar in this hybrid UFC/WWE uniform makes me happy, in a Nelson "HA HA" kind of way.

Watch the video in its entirety after the jump.

Lesnar, who also busted Cena open in a locker-room clearing brawl last week, will square off against his current (and former) foe at the April 29 "Extreme Rules" pay-per-view (PPV) event. Their headlining bout is, as expected, an "extreme rules" contest, which means no-disqualifications and no-countouts.

Anything goes.

More on Brock Lesnar's WWE return here.

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