James " The Hammer" McSweeney making a comeback


Most people know James McSweeney as the former tuf 10 contestant, who made it to the semi finals before losing to future winner Roy Nelson.

James is a former kickboxer who has almost 200 fights, and in 2007 he made his mma debut, he won by first round TKO, though he had no experience training in MMA.

Over the next couple of years he would continue to fight still with no training and had some mixed results.

He finally got a call from Greg Jackson to come down and help Rashad Evans for his bouts with Forrest Griffin and Lyoto Machida, everyone at the gym spoke very highly of him and his striking skills.

After a couple months of training at Jacksons, he was slated to be on The Ultimate Fighter Sean 10, picked first by his training partner Rashad Evans, he defeated Wes Shivers via Majority Decision in a fight where he used his leg kicks to slow the big man down, he then faced Matt Mitrione and submitted him very quick in the first round by guillotine choke.

He then fought Roy Nelson in a fight he was doing very well in, stuffing the take downs and out striking him,then got a little to conifdent and got caught with a big bomb from Roy that setup a take down and then got stopped by ground and pound.

He fought his team mate Daril Schoonover at the finale in what alot of people thought was the best fight on the card, winning by 3rd round TKO with a flying knee followed up by punches.

He then fought undefeated Travis Browne and was stopped in the 1st round.

He then decided to finally move down to light heavyweight and fought Fabio Maldonado at UFC 120, james came out and showcased his striking skills in the 1st round completely picking apart and dominating fabio with various kicks and punches.

Then in the 2nd got hit with a body shot that broke 2 of his ribs, then eventually stopped by tko early in the 3rd.

After going 1-2 in the UFC he was released, fair to say he was thrown to the wolves way to quick in his mma career, which gave him mixed results, fighting Al Turk and Neil Groves in the beginning of your mma career without much of any training what so ever is not the best thing to do.

Of course that didn't stop him from taking big fights, after being released he went and fought former UFC Heavyweight Champion Ricco Rodriguez at Bamma 5, in a fight he showed very good take down defense through out the fight and had ricco out for a second in the 1st round, he lost by Unanimous Decision.

Then after that fight he went and fought another World Class grappler in Fransisco France, was submitted by kimura in the opening of the fight.

After that loss James opened up his own gym and got new training partners and reinvented his career.

Got amazing wrestler Anselmo Gutierrez who has helped james out tremendously in the wrestling department and who is becoming an amazing fighter himself.

Also with the help of Corey Summers of Mohawk Fitness, he has excellent conditioning and is way more faster and explosive than ever, corey has stated james is probably the hardest working fighter he has ever trained, at times he would give james some of the most brutal workouts and thinking he would never finish them and gets surprised every time, so its a safe bet that if james goes the distance he will be just as explosive at the last minute of the fight as he was in the first.


James is now 5-1 in his past 6 fights with only loss coming to top 20 LHW Emanuel Newton, he has finished all 5 opponents in the 1st round with 3 of them coming by submission.

With just barely 4 years in the sport james has finally grown into a well rounded Mixed Martial Artist, he has transitioned his striking from muay thai to mma and has looked amazing past few fights, as well as his improved ground game. who would of thought we be seeing James McSweeney winning multiple fights by submission?



In James latest fight he fought a well rounded fighter in Kym robinson, in a fight he completely dominated, and at 205 after he just fought a bout at heavyweight few weeks prior.

After not having such a good start in his mma career, James now has finally got some years of training under his belt and has improved leaps and bounds in the past couple of years.

now with a good win streak going he is confident he is ready for another crack at the top guys in which was probably to early the first go around.

UFC has an event coming up in UK in september, which i think james deserves to be on, and there is still a possibility of a fight with kickboxer Nathan "Carnage" Corbett on the horizion in the summer.

Whichever comes up, i think he has proven to the fans that he is a new and completely different fighter than what he was when he first came on the scene few years ago, and is looking to move one step closer to fighting the top guys at 205.

UFC is in needs of good Light heavyweights and james would fit in just perfect, and if his 100% he has a chance to beat anyone on any given night.

Whether you like him or not, you cant say the guy does not train hard and has not improved, cause then you will just look like a fool.

So what you think people, is McSweeney ready for the top guys once again?

Only time will tell

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