Highlights from Chael Sonnen's FUEL TV live Twitter chat Q&A

Chael Sonnen participated in a LIVE Fuel TV Twitter chat with fans today (Apr., 14, 2012) (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The one and only Chael Sonnen took part in a FUEL TV fan Q & A Twitter live chat series titled, "Ask Chael Sonnen" today (April 14, 2012), giving mixed martial arts (MMA) fans around the world the opportunity to have any of their questions answered by the Republican rabble-rouser.

The questions varied in topics such as his favorite music, moving up in weight class, why he believes Lyoto Machida drinks his own urine, who will win the UFC Light Heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans and of course, his upcoming title fight with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, which goes down at UFC 147 on June 23, 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The long awaited rematch will be the continuation of their battle at UFC 117 two years ago, in which Sonnen was two minutes away from dethroning "The Spider," until Silva reached into his bag of jiu-jitsu tricks and submitted Sonnen with a triangle choke.

Make the jump to see some of the highlights of the Twitter Q & A, which includes some very direct and straight forward answers thrown in with some Sonnen-esque replies.


If you ever did fight Jon Jones in the future, do you believe you would stand a good chance of beating him? fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
@persiapride, No - bet big on Jones. Do me a personal favor and mortgage you house. #Ask Chael - @sonnench

do you expect a tougher fight with silva this time around without his rib injury & it being in his home town? fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
@Jack10392, NO and NO. - @sonnench

what would your stradegy be to beat jon jones fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
@andrewkeathley, punch him in his face, repeatedly. - @sonnench

What round do you beat Silva? fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
@steve85uk, Hopefully the 5th so i can watch myself on TV longer, but i don't think he has the skills to make it that long. - @sonnench

#AskChael what has been the biggest sacrifice you have made in your career? Do you feel that has reflected back on you positive or negative?

@sckvibes, just the time commitment. All the social things you have to say no to. Overall I'd say positive. - @sonnench

How good is Vinny's BJJ and has he taught you some secret BJJ moves? fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
@steve85uk - I haven't worked out with him yet, but he's the reigning world champion. - @sonnench

#askChael #theug FAVORITE 80s LOVE SONG?
@ComebackKid88, Something by George Strait, no song in particular - @sonnench

#AskChael greatest memory in MMA?
@sckvibes, As a fan loved watching Randy Couture beat Tim Sylvia - @sonnench

have you ever thought of moving up to light heavyweight to fight Jon Jones if he beats Evans? fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
.@persiapride, NO. Not just because of the Evans fight. Dan Henderson will take that fight. #askchael - @sonnench

@FUELTV #AskChael Have you ever been the victim of a Dan Henderson "H-Bomb" in training? If so how did you possibly survive?
.@GSPsPoolBoy, Yes. Once. It hurt #askchael - @sonnench

#AskChael #TheUG I read that you have one demand that must be met before you agree to fight Silva. Can you tell us what it is?
.@DavidRentz, I would love to but not in 140 characters, but i commend you for asking. #askchael - @sonnench

@FUELTV with bringing in vinny magalhaes are u working on sub defense or sub offense? #AskChael #theUG #FUFC
.@asnguyen, I'm working on guard passing. #askchael - @sonnench

#AskChael #theUG Who are you favorite and least favorite Brazillian fighters?
.@420grapplefuck, To watch? Favorite would probably be Vitor Belfort. I don't know if I have a least favorite from Brazil. - @sonnench

@sonnench #AskChael #theUG what kind music do you listen to that gives you adrenaline during training?
.@walrs69, Exclusively country, which they quit making in the mid 90's #CarrieUnderwood. #askchael - @sonnench

@sonnench #AskChael #theUG would you take the fight with Junior Dos Santos if Dana and Lorenzo offerred it?
.@420grapplefuck, Yes. #askchael - @sonnench

#AskChael #TheUG after you beat Andy will you be announcing your candidacy for president??
.@Nester540, After i beat Andy i'm gonna take their money and my new belt and get to America immediately. #askchael - @sonnench

#AskChael could you feel Anderson Silva's balls pressing against you as he submitted you? Were they nice? Smooth?
.@_Vaudevillain, Well done. #askchael - @sonnench

@sonnench #AskChael #theUG who do u think will win between Boetsch vs Bisping and Weidman vs Munoz?
.@420grapplefuck, I'm very excited for Weidman v Munoz. Boetsch vs. Bisping is a mismatch. #askchael - @sonnench

Chael, who do you think will win, Jon Jones or Rashad Evans? And will you fight the winner down the road? #AskChael @FUELTV #TheUG
.@AustinJPark, Rashad Evans. Dan Henderson will take over the division - #askchael @sonnench

@FUELTV @sonnench once you get the middle weigh title will you stay in middle weight and defend or move weight classes? #AskChael
.@RYANxMORGAN, I will stay at middlweight. #askchael - @sonnench

#askchael @fueltv @sonnench You beat Brian Stann, do you think he'll rebound today? has he learned from your beat down?
@johnstouffer, I'm rooting for him. I think he's got a hard match today. #askchael - @sonnench

If you could fight one person, living or dead, who would it be? #AskChael @FUELTV
.@djshrope, The smallest guys with the most appalling record, for the biggest paycheck in the largest venue #askchael - @sonnench

Hey Chael, do you ever get tired of hearing how great Andy is, even though his record is clearly padded? fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
.@The_Fayth, Yes. #askchael - @sonnench

@FUELTV #AskChael #TheUG @sonnench do u think overreem should fight ?
.@metlockz, YES. Getting me to believe Overeem is dirty is like believing Roy Nelson is clean - #askchael

what do you think of brocks return to wwe? #askchael
.@reaneyrfc, Return from what? Brock was in the UFC? #askchael - @sonnench

#AskChael @FuelTV Would you be open to coaching on TUF in any of the upcoming seasons?
.@EClark15, I'd be open but would prefer not too. Just cause it's 6 weeks in Vegas. #askchael - @sonnench

#AskChael #theUG How about that Ronda Rousey? #awwwwyeah
.@B_MetalSucks, Yeah. About her. Talented girl. #askchael - @sonnench

If Gustafsson wins, does he deserve a title shot? fuel.tv/livechat #AskChael
.@sjbeck8269, No. Don't be crazy. He will get one down the road. His record is very impressive. #askchael - @sonnench

How about it Maniacs, anything in particular stand out to you from Sonnen’s replies from today's live chat?

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