Gym Wars VI Recap (Now With Video)

This past weekend I made my way over to Burlington, VT to help out a couple of guys that I've been training with for a while now. Since I've had a hard time coming up with a regular schedule to get to training, my main function was wrapping hands and being a cut man.

One of the guys I was going to corner ended up backing out of his fight due to a shoulder injury on the day of the fight. It was a bummer, but it happens. The other guy, Brett, was ready to go and he fought a war. Video hasn't been posted yet, but as soon as it's up I'll be sure to link to the video.

A fighter traveled over from Maine and only had one guy in his corner with him. Our team basically took him under our wing and helped him warm up and helped corner him for his fight. We met him at the weigh-ins and we basically all became one team for the weekend.

Here's a quick once over of the fights I was in the corner for:

Brett's fight was the fifth fight on the card and it came up pretty quickly. The first few fights ended in either the first or second round and got the arena ready for a good scrap.

The fight was three, three minute rounds. Round one had a bit of a feeling out process with each fighter trying to find their range. Brett was the shorter of the fighters and had a bit of an issue dealing with the reach advantage of his opponent. He was swinging but not always connecting. He did find some success with an outside leg kick though. He shot for a takedown and his opponent tried to defend, but Brett got him off of his feet and picked him up. He looked around to see where his corner was, and he carried his opponent over and slammed him right in front of us. He kept top control for a while, trying to throw short punches and work some grinding elbows. He ended up getting reversed at one point but didn't take any damage as he was on the bottom. The first round ended with him on top, but it could have been scored either way due to the standing exchanges and nothing much coming from the ground work. I had scored it for Brett because he seemed to me to be the busier fighter.

The second round was a bit more of the same, some circling with a few short exchanges, until Brett secured a takedown and got his opponent onto his back. He went for mount and ended up getting reversed and spent most of the round trying to work from his guard. He was constantly working but his opponent defended well and kept good posture for the entirety of the round. Brett was in danger of being caught in a guillotine, but he fought it off and stayed awake to keep pushing forward. I had scored this round for Brett's opponent simply for being on top for most of the round.

When they came out for the third round they embraced in the center of the ring and then got to work. They circled for a short time, until Brett was able to find his opening for a takedown and bring it back to the mat. He ended up getting caught in a loose triangle, but stacked his opponent up and worked from there. His opponent tried to tighten it up, but Brett defended well and was able to stay out of too much danger. Brett was in the triangle for probably about two minutes, but he was working hammer fists with his stuck arm and when he could get free he'd wind up with his right hand and throw some good strikes from the top. The crowd was going nuts every time he'd get his right hand free and drop a bomb, it was definitely a great feeling in the arena. The round ended with him working from inside the triangle attempt, and I had scored it for him due to being on top for the whole time and doing damage even though in a precarious position.

Brett was awarded the win via split decision and his amateur record now stands at 4-1.

Three fights after Brett's fight, the fighter we had met the day before was up and ready to get to work. His name was Zach and he was fighting out of Maine. We offered to help him out and he was more than happy to have some more support.

As the first round is about to start, I look at the two fighters and notice that Zach has a good size advantage over his opponent. They both weighed in at 155, but to me his opponent looked like he'd be better off at 145. The round starts and they meet in the center and start to throw some strikes. They tie up and it goes to the ground with Zach working from top in side control. He postures up and works some strikes as he's working towards mount. They end up under the ropes and the ref stops the action to center them. As soon as they're restarted, Zach throws a few good strikes and gets mount. He works a few more strikes before securing an arm and dropping to the side for an arm bar and his opponent taps. All over in what I believe is less than a minute.

Overall it was a good showing and we all had a great time at the fights. Being there makes me want to do everything I can to keep getting back into shape and get my ass in there and see how I do.

Update: Here's a highlight video, both of the gentlemen above are in it, the last two segments of the video. Once the full fight videos are out, I'll link them up as well.

#mma #ufai #gymwars in #BTV (via Lynn Monty)

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