Video: John Cena slaps Brock Lesnar, brawl erupts on WWE's Monday Night Raw

Here comes the pain, indeed. My brain hurts.

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, was once again back in the land of make believe tonight (April 9, 2012) just one week after signing a one-year contract to return to his old fake stomping grounds, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

And he picked up right where he left off, which was building a beef with John Cena after finishing him with a patented "F-5" in his triumphant return (watch the video here) just seven days ago.

Already, I know way more than I should.

Nonetheless, check out how the announcers introduced Lesnar:

"Well, Brock Lesnar, indeed, has all the credentials. He was an NCAA Heavyweight champion. He was a King of the Ring winner, a Royal Rumble winner and a three-time WWE champion. And then he went on to conquer UFC, where he became the UFC champion. And now Lesnar is back."

The overarching theme, at least so far, is that Lesnar will "bring legitimacy" back to "professional" wrestling, which seems like quite the contradiction. But, then again, that's the appeal I suppose.

Check out Lesnar's brief remarks after the jump, which were (thankfully) interrupted by a Cena bitch slap:

"First and foremost, I would like to thank you Mr. Laurinaitis, for having the wisdom to bring legitimacy back to the WWE."

Say what?

Personal feelings aside, if a poll we recently conducted is any indication, most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans are completely cool with Lesnar returning to the WWE. In fact, more than half of respondents (54 percent) were all for Lesnar going back to "do what he does best."

It all just seems so strange. And, oddly, entertaining. I can't not watch it, which I suppose is the hook.

Either way, I'm confused. All he has to do now is have his UFC 141 loss to Alistair Overeem overturned to a "No Contest" and replace "The Reem" in the UFC 146 main event opposite Junior dos Santos on Memorial Day Weekend, and I'll be completely bent.

That can't happen, can it?

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