Michael Schiavello: 'Everyone is crucifying Alistair Overeem, but he hasn't technically cheated'

Alistair Overeem has been the subject of much debate and criticism as of late. But is he being unfairly singled out? HDNet's Michael Schiavello seems to think this may be the case.

By now, everyone in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community is aware of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Alistair Overeem testing positive for high levels of testosterone during a random drug test by the NSAC, directly following a press conference for UFC 146.

But is Overeem being unfairly targeted?

That's the question "The Voice," Michael Schiavello, wants answered and is the question he was asking his colleagues on the panel of HDNet's "Inside MMA."

"You know, while we're talking about the subject, Kenny, I just wanna chime in here on a couple things that have been playing on my mind, the last week or so, since the news of Alistair (Overeem) broke. Alistair doesn't have a license with the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), so how are they testing him in the first place when he doesn't have a license with them? By what jurisdiction are they testing him? And 'B,' everyone seems to be hanging Alistair out to dry. They've been nailing him to the cross and crucifying him, but it's still two months away from his fight. You know, he hasn't technically cheated. Because, unless he pisses hot on the fight night, how could he possibly have cheated? There's still an opportunity he can get from the 14:1 down to the allowed 6:1 level by fight time. But we're calling him out as a cheat, two months out from a fight?"

It should be noted that Schiavello is a long-time friend and supporter of "The Reem," and has interviewed him multiple times throughout his career.

"Demolition Man" has since filed an application to obtain his fighter's license in Nevada and his hearing is set for April 24, according to Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) Executive Director Keith Kizer, who expects Overeem to be in attendance that day.

Overeem recently failed a drug test for elevated levels of testosterone, a ratio of 14:1, creating doubt that he will be able to go ahead with his scheduled heavyweight championship fight at UFC 146 on May 26 in Las Vegas against Junior dos Santos.

The Dutch striker, to date, hasn't requested that his "B" sample be tested to confirm the result of his "A" sample. Seems like an admission of guilt, but technically, it isn't.

But it certainly doesn't look good.

So what do you think? Does Schiavello have a point, or does his loyalty have him seeing the world through rose-colored glasses?

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