Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier? 'DC' would consider cutting weight for a 205-pound 'superfight'

jones cormier

Undefeated Strikeforce heavyweight phenom Daniel Cormier, who stands at just five-feet, eleven inches tall, lumbered into the cage at 247-pounds for his knockout win over Antonio Silva back in September, which advanced him to the final round of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix on May 19 against Josh Barnett.

Yet despite all his success in the land of giants, the one question the former Olympic wrestler continues to face, based on his size and speed, is 'have you ever considered a drop to Light Heavyweight?'

"DC" has definitely considered it, but coming off a health scare several years back after trying to cut weight, coupled with his flawless performance as a 265-pounder, there exists very little motivation for him to change gears.

Unless he was offered a 205-pound "superfight" against an opponent he describes (via Cage Fanatic) as "the best in the world," which until Rashad Evans can prove otherwise at UFC 145 next month in Atlanta, is Jon "Bones" Jones.

"I cut weight wrong for a long time in wrestling. The right opportunity would have to present itself, like a superfight against one of the best guys in the world. That's the type of thing that intrigues me. Obviously I'm fighting really big fights now at heavyweight so that's where I'm at right now and that's where I'm focused on being."

And this isn't the first time he's hinted at a fight against Jones.

If he manages to overcome Josh Barnett later this year at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, he would likely have one more fight as Grand Prix Champion under the Strikeforce banner before the promotion dissolves its heavyweight division.

Then, inevitably, he would transition to the grandest stage of them all, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

What's interesting to note is that he may not even need to cut weight to fight Jones. The reigning 205-pound champion has already expressed his desire to move up to heavyweight if and when he can clean out his current weight class.

That shouldn't stop us from playing fantasy matchmaker, so how would you predict the outcome of Jones vs. Cormier? And in which weight class?


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