Calling all PSN gamers - UFC 3 Mania camp is here!


Calling all PSN thumb stick flickers, body spammers and CAF glitchers; IIIIItt’s Tiiiime! Get your PS3 controller ready to shine because we need recruits for the MMAMania camp on UFC undisputed 3.


It has been an interesting few weeks since the release of the most anticipated title in the MMA gaming world – THQ’s usual server issues, DLC not being available at first, and of course the now infamous ground and pound in side control spamming. There have been ups and downs since I started playing this one and I have successfully managed through two careers in Experienced and Expert. The career mode has a depth which took me a while to feel comfortable with – The camp moves are much easier to manage in game rather than keeping track with a pad and pen but the lack of actions between fights(only 2 available) was something to get used to. Although i haven’t mastered this i have a good enough grasp to really enjoy becoming cross promotional champion of Pride AND UFC and earning great fight of the year bonuses here and there – I am yet to become a hall of famer but this will happen next time round.

If the above sounds familiar to you at all – this is the fan post you have been waiting for. It’s time to puff your chest and show us your skills online. The online ranked mode of this game is still having some hiccups but I’m on the way to a half decent record currently with 63 wins and 33 losses. Most by way of TKO/KO but I have had 4 amazing decisions and 3 fairly easy submissions.

Now for those of you who haven’t played online – get on board... It’s great fun and you get to fight someone without actually being kicked in the teeth. The Fight camp function is something I was a part of in UFC 2010 as a part of Extreme Kayrooz – the camp was sitting in the top 5 worldwide for quite some time until everyone's record was reset due to glitch CAFs!

Fight camp was fun with randoms but has more potential with people who you can actually communicate with or organize fights with online – at the current time the MMAMania camp has 4 members and a camp record of 5-10... thanks to our resident lurker blakc_guy(2-7 in camp)... Yes he’s a lurker – and he found me on there and recognized me from here(yes - creepy – i know). Besides that the illustrious Rampagelangford has also joined just yesterday and he has amassed an incredible 75-30 record(last time I checked - Correct me if im wrong Langford) so when tournament time comes around he may be a force to be reckoned with. Jestermarcus, another regular, has joined the camp but been spending time honing his skills offline with a current 0-0 record online.

So that’s the rundown of the current state of the camp – Come and join use this as an opportunity to expand your UFC3 gaming experience and enjoy it with your fellow maniacs. Drop a comment down the bottom with your PSN screen name and i will happily invite you to the camp. Be careful just searching for it because i have basically just ignored any membership applications online as I want this to be a maniacs only camp – you guys know your MMA and i want to keep it in house ;)

At the moment it will just be a week or two to recruit members and feel each other out – have a few in camp exhibition fights and have a bit of fun. The real stuff kicks off once we have plenty of members – I’m looking to organize a few things to start getting competitive:

- UFC league - pick a fighter to stay with for the whole league and fight everyone in a round robin round until it finalizes in a tournament – Starting weight class etc etc will be organized over next few fan posts.

- Pride one night tournament – I think we could do this a few times and have MMAMania Pride champ

- CAF tournament – not sure on this one yet but thinking about having a cap of 95 CAFs – I’ve already started to see CAFs rated @ 100 and that’s just not MMA...

All of the above will be organized and covered through Mania fan posts, and winners will receive the most coveted Maniac prize – MMAMania pride. Any extra help in organizing anything will also be appreciated.

Once again first steps: Comment below with PSN screen name – give me up to 24 hours and i will have sent you a camp invite on UFC Undisputed 3. Thanks all and enjoy Undisputed 3

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