One FC 3 results recap for 'War of Lions' in Singapore

MARCH 31, 2012: ONE FC lightweights Eduard Folayang (L) and Ole Laursen (R) gave the Singapore fans an incredible showing that is likely to be followed with an immediate rematch.

ONE FC has successfully conducted their third ever mixed martial arts (MMA) event as ONE FC 3: "War of Lions" just finished up, LIVE today (March 31, 2012) from the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore.

The event was a joint venture of sorts between ONE FC and DREAM, which included using several DREAM fighters, as well as the ever-popular (at least in Asia) Lenne Hardt to perform the crazy screaming cageside announcing duties.

For the most part, the card really hit the mark, containing several very exciting fights and plenty of finishes. The only real criticisms fans may end up having will be in relation to a couple of controversial endings, as well as the quality of the YouTube stream. (The stream buffered quite a bit at the outset. Also, the card was promised to be in HD, yet it was shown in 480p -- a stark different between the 720p most people were hoping for.)

In the main event, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) specialist Zorobabel Moreira used his length and leg kicks to keep his opponent, Felipe Enomoto, on his heels for the majority of the fight. In the third round, Moreira used a massive, sweeping cut kick to slice Enomoto's legs out from under him and send him toppling to the mat. Moreira wasted no time in pouncing on his staggered adversary and was able to secure an armbar that left Enomoto no option other than to tap out.

Here's a recap of the rest of the main card from ONE FC 3: "War of Lions:"

The co-main event saw highly ranked featherweight Tatsuya Kawajiri taking on former King of the Cage (KOTC) champion Donald Sanchez.

It really was just "one of those fights." Everyone watching had a good idea of what was goind to go down, and everyone was right.

After about a minute of exchanging on the feet, "Crusher" was able to sweep Sanchez and bring him down to his world, where he has now finished his last three opponents.

Kawajiri really looks great as a featherweight. It's honestly a shame he didn't make the move sooner.

In what was easily the most exciting fight of the night, hometown heroes Eduard Folayang and Ole Laursen threw down in a very fast paced lightweight battle that ended up having to be decided by the judges.

For three brutal rounds, both fighters gave and received an overwhelming amount of punishment. By the end of the fight, both Folayang and Laursen were seen hunched over with their hands on their hips, totally exhausted from the marathon fight they'd just endured.

It was an absolute pleasure to watch.

In the end, the judges ruled the split decision in favor of Laursen, much to the dismay of the Singapore crowd who believed Folayang to have done enough to notch the victory (and they were probably correct).

The fantastic fight and the controversial decision both probably point to a rematch being on the not-too-distant horizon.

DEEP veteran Yuya Shirai took on Brazilian fighter Fabricio Monteiro, who was looking to right his own ship after having lost five of his last six appearances.

The contest started off in Shirai's favor, as he used his superior striking to create space and keep Monteiro guessing as to what would come next.

However, things changed in the second round as Monteiro came out more aggressive and looked to make use of the clinch to wear down his opponent and take Shirai out of his element.

The strategy worked and, ultimately, led to Monteiro earning a unanimous decision victory.

In a controversial (and somewhat disgusting) fight conclusion, Melvin Manhoef was forced to withdraw during the first round of his his fight versus Yoshiyuki Nakanishi, due to a very nasty injury to his shin. (Click here to see a picture of the injury, but, caution -- this is not for the faint of heart or stomach.)

The stoppage was very disappointing for Manhoef and his fans, as he was certainly ahead on the scorecard and probably working his way towards a finish.

The opening fight of the main card featured a fairly quick contest between Eddie Ng and Jian Kai Chee.

Truth be told, Chee was incredibly overmatched in this fight. From the get-go, Ng was all over him. Within the opening seconds, Ng landed a big right hand that sent Chee spiraling to the canvas.

It was not long before Ng was on top of him in full mount, raining down some vicious ground-and-pound that left the referee no choice but to mercifully save Chee from further damage.

Big win for Ng, who continues to improve with each fight and show that he is a top prospect in the sport of MMA.

For an entire results recap of the ONE FC 3: "War of Lions" full card, top to bottom, click here.

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