MMAmania's Consensus Top 10 Heavyweight Results

One down, six to go...

Below you will se the results of 20 Top 10's received. Each fighter is given points according to how they were ranked in each ballot. A fighter receives 10 points for a 1st place vote, 9 for a 2nd, all the way down to 1 point for a 10th place vote.

You will see, next to the fighter's name, their point total along with a couple numbers in parentheses. These numbers represent that fighter's highest and lowest ranking.

For example, you may see this:

1. Kimbo Slice... 195 (1,3)

This would mean that Kimbo received 195 points and was voted as high as 1st and as low as 3rd.

Here we go...

1. Junior Dos Santos... 199 (1,2)

2. Cain Velasquez... 172 (2,3)

3. Alistair Overeem... 166 (1,5)

4. Frank Mir... 127 (3,7)

5. Fabricio Werdum... 113 (4,8)

6. Josh Barnett... 84 (3,out)

7. Daniel Cormier... 74 (4,9)

8. Minotauro Nogueira... 52 (5,out)

9. Shane Carwin... 51 (4,out)

10. Antonio Silva... 33 (7,out)

Also receiving votes:

Mark Hunt... 10

Stefan Struve.. 7

Stipe Miocic... 3 (was on 1 ballot, PotofGold)

Roy Nelson... 2 (Peregrine)

Brendan Schaub... 1 (CharacterAnalysis)

Fedor Emelianenko... 1 (superfknmario)

and wait for it...

Dan Henderson... 1 (ViolentMike)

Only 6 fighters were on every ballot: JDS, Cain, Overeem, Mir, Werdum, and Cormier

Interestingly Josh Barnett was only in 18 ballots but still finished ahead of Cormier. Any questions about those two, though, are about to be answered.

Other interesting stats:

No one's Top 10 matched the final rankings exactly, so this is truly a group effort.

JDS was only 1 vote away from being a unanimous #1, thanks magicmike.

Nogueira and Carwin were seperated by 1 point, even though Nog was in 17 ballots, while Carwin was only in 14. Big Foot Silva was in 15 ballots and finished almost 20 points behind Carwin.

I also want to give a special shout out to Scott1...

Scott had Barnett #3, his highest ranking

Scott had Cormier #4, his highest ranking

Scott had Overeem #5, his lowest ranking

Scott had Mir #7, his lowest ranking

Scott had Werdum #8, his lowest ranking

That's 5 fighters Scott had ranked at either their highest or lowest point... no one else had more than 1, wow!

Light Heavyweights are next... but first agree with the results? Sound off Maniacs...

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