Latest UFC/MMA news and notes from around the web for the week of March 25, 2012

Photo by Esther Lin via Fanhouse

Welcome, Maniacs, to the weekly series where we help you catch up on some of the original reporting done by other sites in the vast MMA landscape. Like Junior dos Santos, Lyoto Machida, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Jose Aldo, Muhammed Lawal and Anderson Silva pictured above, we can all "get along."

Teaming up with MMA sites like Low Kick, Cage Potato, Fight Opinion and The Fight Nerd, we'll provide an opportunity for all MMA fans to read some fresh and original voices in the sport.

This week, Bleacher Report speaks with Bellator welterweight Ben Saunders, Lowkick interviews Thiago Silva and Middle Easy catches up with Rafael Cordeiro.

The full list of links is after the jump.

- Interview with Thiago Silva (LowKick)

"My prediction is that I will fight hard like a true warrior. Everybody knows my style. When I step in the Octagon, I go to kill or die, and I will do the same on April 14th, and I will be ten times more aggressive because this fight is very important for me."

- Hot Potato: Seven photos with Kendra Perez (Cage Potato)

Sigh...we just can't help lovin' Kenda Perez. has released an exclusive photo-set of the foxy Best of PRIDE hostess, and we cherry-picked the best shots for your viewing pleasure. Check ‘em out in the gallery after the jump, along with two bonus shots from her 2012 calendar.

- Rafael Cordeiro talks TUF Brazil and Shogun Rua (MiddleEasy)

LayzieTheSavage visited Kings MMA last week in sunny California and successfully interviewed Rafael Cordeiro on the subject of his famous pupils, including his take on Wand/Vitor after TUF: Brasil wraps, and Shogun's journey back to the top of the light heavyweight foodchain.

- Amateur show uses legal loophole to hold event in New York (The Fight Nerd)

While the state of New York still does not sanction, and in fact explicitly prohibits, the sport of mixed martial arts, a loophole in the Empire State's wholesale ban on combat sports does allow for sanctioned amateur MMA, which a promotion and sanctioning body will be taking advantage of for the first time in ten years.

- Nevada amends complaint against Nick Diaz, shifts strategy (Fight Opinion)

After Team Diaz filed their response to Nevada's complaint, Keith Kizer telegraphed (in the media) what the response would be. Rather than confront what Goodman & Tweedale are arguing regarding WADA standards & Nevada law, Keith Kizer & company are now shifting to what I call "the Al Capone" strategy. Kizer's side is now going after Team Diaz over the way the medical questionnaire was answered regarding Nick Diaz & his medical marijuana usage.

- UFC Facebook streams draw up to 140,000 viewers (MMA Payout)

Facebook streams of UFC fights have received as many as 140,000 viewers on its web page. This information comes from Dana White after the UFC 146 press conference this week.

- Interview with Bellator welterweight Ben Saunders (

"I have a certain style that I bring to the cage, a certain aggressiveness, I come to fight. I can't be thinking what if I do this or what if I do that and that injures me for the next round. I'm going to go out on my shield, there is no tournament to me, for me there is no point to even think of anything beyond what's in front of me."

- Shogun seeks to be on next Brazil fight card (MMA Convert)

- Dan Hardy weighs in on Nick Diaz (Fightline)

- Demetrious Johnson - Ian McCall rematch will remain three rounds (Five Ounces of Pain)

- Dana White says Nick Diaz would be insane to retire (5thRound)

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