Sudden Victory Solves Judging Issues?

Brought up in another post. But this is starting to make sense. There are only a couple of things standing in the way.

Judges need to be pushed more to accurately judging the fight based on the point system without fearing a draw. We all do this sometimes, and just ask yourself when was the last time you scored a 10-10 round.

I don't think a lot of need needs to be pushed on 10-10 rounds as much as 10-8 rounds need to be pushed. But I guess if we are cleaning up one issue, clean up the others.

Have videos of specific 10-10 rounds, 10-9 rounds, 10-8 rounds. And I guess 10-7 can go as well, 10-6 should probably result in death let alone KO .

Then, don't worry about draws being an issue why? Because of Sudden Death, or Victory like the UFC calls it.

Any draw will result in a 3 minute round, winner takes all.

This honestly could add a lot of excitement element to the sport, and people could get hyped up on fights going to a final definitive round.

I think this seems to be the right way within our given context without having to redo a whole new system. What do you guys think?

It would make sure we never get a draw, and we always walk away with a definitive winner.

Think about Ellenberger vs Sanchez. Perhaps you give Sanchez a 10-8 and push that fight into a final round even though it wasn't a 5 rounder.

Anyway, it's a shot it could work...

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