Was Kimbo Slice's boxing match fixed? Brian Green says 'NO WAY'

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran and YouTube brawler, Kimbo Slice, returned to the boxing ring last Saturday night (March 24) to put his undefeated record on the line against combat sports journeyman Brian Green at "Fight Night" from the O'Reilly Family Event Center in Springfield, Missouri.

Despite a fairly close contest, Green was knocked stiff in the fourth and final frame, with just seconds to go in what could have been an upset win. The nature of the finish, along with some lingering memories of EliteXC funny business, had some people insisting the fix was in.

That includes mixed martial arts (MMA) motormouth Sean McCorkle, who called Green's alleged dive some of the "worst acting he's seen outside of a Shaquille O'Neal movie."

Green has heard the allegations and has since took his case to The Underground, to blast the critics who question his heart and his ethics.

Those comments, as well as video of the knockout, after the jump.

First of all, I would NEVER throw a fight, take a dive, whatever you want to call it. I have been fighting for 9 years now starting as a punk 17 year old kid, evolved into a professional mixed martial artist.

As far as the actual Knockout... I know you people who sit on your couch and eat doritos know everything there is to know about fighting, BUT Maybe, Just MAYBE you didn't take into account that the shot that turned out my light switch was actually THREE punches on the button. Not just the uppercut, the first uppercut, then the straight right, and then the final hook/uppercut that finished.

Even if I didn't get caught in the last 3 seconds (btw I didn't know the time of the round, because I couldn't hear my corner, or the 10-second warning) I'm sure you people would find SOMETHING to say, saying Kimbo threw the fight against me or something.

Also If I'm going to Dive, I would PROBABLY do it before getting my ORBITAL bone fractured.

Read his entire rebuttal here.

Alright Maniacs, you've heard both sides of the story. What's your take?

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