Patrick Cote wants ex-UFC fighters to stop begging for another shot inside the Octagon

Tim Sylvia (above) keeps asking for another shot in the UFC and Patrick Cote thinks actions speak louder than words. Photo via

Yes, he's talking about former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight kingpin Tim Sylvia.

But former UFC Middleweight number one contender Patrick Cote insists it's not a personal attack against "The Maine-iac," rather some helpful advice from someone who, like Tim-eh, is also trying to work his way back up the regional ladder to earn another shot inside the Octagon.

His formula? Shut your mouth and win some fights.

"The Predator," who was released by the world's largest fight promotion following his unanimous decision loss to Tom Lawlor at UFC 121 back in Oct. 2010, tells MMA Weekly he was annoyed by the recent begging from Sylvia and that it wouldn't do anything to help get him the second chance he so badly desires.

Those comments, after the jump.

"Maybe that was a little bit out of control because that wasn’t a personal attack to Tim Sylvia, but that was just begging to have a chance to go back to the UFC, for me, it’s just a shame. You can’t beg the big organizations like that. You’ve been a champion in this organization; you know how things work. You’re not going to go anywhere by begging like that. I was just annoyed about begging, a lot of the begging, and I said loud what a lot of people was thinking. I have nothing against Sylvia. He’s been a great champion. He did a lot in the sport. He did a lot in the UFC. I hope he’s going to be back in the UFC. That’s not the point. The point was just about the begging thing. The only thing you have to do is shut your mouth, win fights, and prove you deserve to be back in the big show by winning fights and by your performance. It’s the only way to get back. You have to prove yourself again to deserve the chance to get back in the big show; that’s what I’m doing."

Sylvia (30-7) began his campaign to get back into the UFC earlier this year, claiming he could immediately contend for the title and defeat 80 percent of the current heavyweights on the ZUFFA roster. Not surprisingly, promotion president Dana White was immune to his charms, and reassured fans "The Maine-iac" was gone for good.

Not that it stopped Sylvia from going into "BEAST MODE."

Cote (16-7) reversed his three-fight losing streak in the best possible fashion: by winning his next three. In fact, "The Predator" may be one or two fights away from getting another crack at the MMA elite.

And he may not have to "beg" anyone to do it.

What's your take on this Maniacs, is Cote being a little too hard on his fellow ex-UFC'er? Or is he just saying what we're all thinking?

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