ONE FC Preview: Jian Kai Chee vs Eddie Ng and Melvin Manhoef vs Yoshiyuki Nakanishi


Eddie Ng is the rising star of Asian MMA and Jian Kai Chee is looking to derail his bandwagon. The Malaysian only made his MMA debut in 2010 but has already established a workmanlike 3-3 record.

Ng is 4-1 and is one of the top fighters at Evolve MMA where he works every day with world champions in Muay Thai, BJJ and boxing. Kai trains at Muayfit which only recently set up a full time MMA program and his team mates include Mark Striegl and Aranud Lepont.

Kai is probably best known for losing to Ole Laursen on his MMA debut in a fight where he rocked the Filipino with a lead left hook and came very close to finishing him. Laursen recovered and was able to win by ground and pound but the Malaysian's Muay Thai skills make him a threat to anyone.

Ng is much better rounded although he is still most comfortable on the ground. This could be the difference in this fight because Kai has a reputation as being primarily a stand up fighter and historically he has not fared so well once a fight has gone to the floor.

If Ng can take Kai down it could be a short night's work for the fighter from Hong Kong but Kai has knock out power and is dangerous for as long as the fighters are standing.

Part two of today's ONE FC preview, featuring Melvin Manhoef vs. Yoshiyuki Nakanishi on March 31 in Singapore and LIVE (and free) via YouTube, after the jump.


It's no secret that Melvin Manhoef likes to bang but Yoshiyuki Nakanishi has a few KOs to his name too and says he won't be afraid to stand with the K-1 veteran. Nakanishi is the reigning Deep Light Heavyweight Champion and a four time national Sambo champion and at only 26 years old is definitely one to watch.

The Dutchman is almost ten years his senior and will be trying to finish the fight from the moment the bell sounds, Manhoef's style is to use kicks and punches to look for the KO and he hasn't been to a decision in his MMA career since 1999.

There are question marks over his wrestling and ground game and the smart thing for Nakanishi to do would be to try and exploit them. This is a huge opportunity for the Japanese fighter though and he won't want to turn it into a boring fight plus he will be well aware that despite his world class striking credentials Manhoef has been knocked out in the cage.

Renato Sobral was originally set to face Manhoef but pulled out and I think that Nakanishi will actually make for a more interesting opponent. Manhoef needs to keep it standing, land strikes and finish the fight fast because if it goes into the later rounds Nakanishi will be firm favourite.

It will be interesting to see what Nakanishi's game plan is but I don't expect him to stand and trade with Manhoef for any longer than he has to.

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