Kimbo Slice boxing match fixed against Brian Green? Sean McCorkle says it is so

MONTREAL- MAY 8: Kimbo Slice punches Matt Mitrione in their heavyweight bout at UFC 113 at Bell Centre on May 8, 2010 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

This past Saturday night (March 24, 2012) featured the boxing return of former UFC heavyweight Kevin Ferguson, better known as the Miami street certified brawler, Kimbo Slice.

He was taking on Brian Green, yet another unheralded opponent you've never heard of, even if you're a hardcore fan of the sweet science. That was likely by design, especially if you believe the accusations being hurled his way in the wake of the bout, namely that it was a worked exhibition.

UFC veteran and Underground prowler Sean McCorkle comes right out and says it:

I mean I'm assuming it was supposed to be, but watching it I can't believe that anyone is expected to believe that, that was a real fight. And not just the knockout at the end, which by the way was the worst acting I've seen outside of a Shaquille O'Neal movie. I mean the whole fight.

From YouTube fame to The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) reality show to fighting inside the UFC Octagon to the boxing ring and now being accused of working fights. That's one hell of a career arc, no?

As to the accusations, which are quite serious, mind you, a fishy situation is fishy. It does appear as though the two aren't going as hard as they can in the later rounds but that could simply be because they burned through their gas tanks and wore themselves out.

It's the final sequence of the fight, however, that has brought on the most scrutiny. The fighters are alerted to the fact that 15 seconds remain in the contest, at which point Kimbo pushes forward with punches and Green, who had been winning the fight up to this point, casually lowers his hands and acts as though he doesn't have a bull hard charging at him.

The knockout blow, an uppercut, looked as thought it barely connected and Green comically fell to the mat. The fight was called and Kimbo's record went to 4-0. Was it a work? Who's to say?

Thankfully, through the magic of moving images, you Maniacs can decide for yourself. Do so by watching the videos of each round after the jump and let us know what you think. And for more on Kimbo's win over Green click here.

The knockout comes at the 4:00 mark:


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