Ronda Rousey heading to the 209 to train with the Diaz brothers

March 3, 2012; Columbus, OH, USA; Ronda Rousey punches Miesha Tate during the Strikeforce Grand Prix final at Nationwide Arena. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE

Go west, young Judoka.

Strikeforce women's 135-pound champion Ronda Rousey, who proved she can not only "talk the talk" but also "walk the walk" by submitting Miesha Tate earlier this month in Ohio, is about to do something she hasn't done since embarking on a career in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Take her act on the road.

The "Rowdy" one is heading to the 209, to train with Nick and Nate Diaz at the Cesar Gracie Academy in Stockton, California, home to some of the finest combat athletes in the UFC and Strikeforce, including Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez.

Rousey lays out her itinerary for MMA Weekly, after the jump.

"I’m going up there from the 3rd to the 16th (of April) and it’s going to be the first time ever since I started doing MMA that I’m going to be training for an actual extended period of time away from my core camp, who I’ve always been with. When I did judo I used to go around all the time, like every month or so I would go away for a week or two weeks to go train somewhere else. For some reason it’s something I never did in MMA, so they invited me to come train up there, and they’re good at a bunch of things that I need to work on so I’m super excited. It’s going to be the first time I’m training away from home in a long time."

Rousey is the ruler of a very small roost.

Despite her talents, the list of title contenders at 135-pounds begins and ends at Sarah Kaufman, herself a former champion, who may have earned a crack at the crown by taking a majority decision from Alexis Davis back on March 3 in Columbus.

Unless Tate can somehow get herself an immediate rematch.

Either way, it's scary to think what kind of foe either "Takedown" or Kaufman will be facing if Rousey can indeed sharpen her blade on the Diaz stone. Is there anyone in the women's division that can stop her?

Calling all "Cyborgs" ...

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