Why I get pissed off with this site and it's posters.......or something

There was once upon a time, when we were only a small community, and young people.... When UFC 60 or something had not happened yet, and i was only Freedomthrtyfve, I am now Freedomnearlyfourty. The sport was still relativley young, and Mania was on the old platform, of "Post Comment" and leave your Email address, "Which will not be seen by other users".

Since I started on Mania, i used a GPRS phone in my local bar on a Samsung D600 or whatever the fuck it was, one of those slide phone things, when i was going through my divorce and living in my garage and car, now i'm so hi tech i have an iphone.....

Then MMA exploded, and in November 2009 Mania sold out and joined the SBNATION platform, for which Tom, (although now he is rich is called Thomas), and that other bloke called Jerry or something, that is named after a country in Europe, profited madly from, and changed our goddamn lives...

This was not really a bad thing, our comunity grew like wildfire, with grand new minds and voices, and was a pleasure to behold, of course, idiots were present then, but the nastieness that is prevelant now was not as evident then.

What makes this site so great, is freedom of speech, yes everyone has their disagreements with people, but we are all friends, well i hope we are, we all like talking about the same things, which is why we are here, and disagreements should not lead to people feeling that they are unable to comment here for want of a better word "bullying", so please be respectful and appreciate the fact that everyone has their own point of can't knock someone the fuck out over the internet, so obviously the next best thing is "do not respond and ignore"....

I want to talk about MMA and have a laugh, get drunk and talk about films, music and shit, and generally have a good time, discuss other issues, BUT NOT ARGUE AND FUCKING BITCH ON LIKE A TEENAGE GIRL....

Be yourself, Internet persona's are shit and fake and can be seen through in an instant, if your 12 years old say your 12 years old, if your 39 like me say your 39, i'm still bigger and harder than the fucking rest of you lol, but most of all just have fun, its only a sport for fucks sake, its not like your working in Afghanistan and watching your mates die every day, so chill out and have fun you angry little men lol....

The end.

Oh apart from FRIDAY FUCKING FUN THREAD HERE WE GO........................

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