Don Frye 2012: Predator for President?

Recently there's been a lot of talk by the MMA media christening Chael Sonnen as the best talker in MMA history. But have they lost their historical perspective? Perhaps they have forgotten the hilarious off-the-cuff rants of former UFC Heavyweight Champ and perennial patriotic tough guy, Don "The Predator" Frye, possessor of not only the craziest fight in MMA History (vs Takayama) but also the most outrageous comments. But if Frye's past entertaining remarks have been forgotten in our what-have-you-done-for-me-lately fan culture, never fear! There's more to come! Frye has just been selected, along with colorful interview hottie Karyn Bryant and Ron Kruck, as part of the WMMASports broadcast team. Whether you have any interest in the fight card, it will be worth tuning in just to hear The Predator's delightful growl. Personally, I think he should throw his hat into the Republican Primary race. Not only would he add spice to the campaign trail, we'd finally have a candidate in this race who says what he really thinks (and then some). Here are a few gems that would make wonderful soundbites on CNN.


Read some of Don's greatest quotes (so far) after the jump...."if you think you won't soil yourselves, you bunch o' pinko pansies!"

On Oleg Taktarov:

"I’ve written the history of MMA in other people’s blood. Oleg hasn’t. Cause Oleg can’t write. And if he could, he couldn’t read it anyways."

"Oleg Taktarov? Who is this yahoo, this commie? Go get in yer bread line, suck up some vodka, smoke some cigarettes and get the hell out of the way!"

On acting and pets:

"Oleg, stay in Hollywood! I hear they’re gonna do a “Benji” remake. Yer the perfect candidate, yer face is so ugly. You look just like Benji. If I had a dog that looked like you, I’d shave his butt and teach him to walk backwards."

On today's fighters:

"This Masters Division opens up a whole new thing. Goes back to guys who fight, who understand fighting. Nowadays you got a bunch o’ sissies runnin’ round worrying bout their hair and their makeup, painting their toenails!"

"Well ya got Jon Jones, he’s fantastic. And then I love Hardy. He’s always a blast, win or lose… He’s not gonna run away. Not like the Brock Lesnar thing where you saw a trail of piss from the locker room to the cage."

On improvising new techniques in MMA:

"I been studying Buddhism. I’m learnin’ to levitate. I’m gonna levitate off the ground about a foot so he can’t get that kneebar on me. So when he goes down to the ground, I’ll be up here. Then I’ll swing round and kick him in the head. Can’t miss that head. Thing’s gotta be about that big, like a 5-gallon bucket, a 5-gallon bucket full of buttholes. Yeck!"

On fighting Mohammed Lawal:

"You ain’t gotta worry about that with me and Mr. Taliban over there…it’s gonna be like a Palestinian rock thrower against an Israeli tank."

When asked “What if the King Mo fight was to the death?”:

"Who said it wasn’t! Hell I’m dyin’ of boredom already just talkin’ to him, watchin’ some of his fights. *snores* Gouge out my eyes with some pencils!"

On fighting top competition:

"You gotta excuse me, my stomach’s upset. I had the Tim Sylvia breakfast special, ham & eggs and a can of tomatoes."

On Retirement:

"You get to the point where you retire after every fight. Hell, the only person who’s retired more times than me is Terry Funk."

On Zuffa:

"For some reason Dana White doesn't like me, and I don't care enough to find out why. So he can go pound sand up his ass as far as I'm concerned."

(When asked about maintaining his mustache and which celebs make his P4P top mustache list.)

"Well, it takes me about an hour to shave it off every morning. But no yer top, well, you got Sean Connery ya know. He’s the top. Ya got yer Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, yer Sam Eliot, yer Nancy Grace..."

On his experience as a Firefighter:

“We got the call, around midnight. We roll in there and put the fire out, find a couple of hotspots here and there. Then we find a suicide note,” Frye said. “That pisses you off because they are endangering your life and the lives of all the other fire fighters. I walked into the bedroom and found the son of a bitch on the bed,” Frye remembered. “I grabbed him by the ankles and yanked his ass right on the floor. Boom! He screamed and I drug him down the hallway. I hit him against every wall on the way out the door. Boy, it’ll be the last time he tries to commit suicide by fire. I picked him up and threw him out on the lawn. You lose your compassion real quick when people do stupid shit like that.”

When asked by Ken Shamrock if he got his mustache from Freddie Mercury:

"Ken, I respect because you ignored a rumor and came to me directly. Cause we both know how craps get started by rumors. I heard the rumor that you lost your virginity to Freddie Mercury, and I defended you. I said ‘No! Ken Shamrock lost his virginity to a man long before he started dating Freddie Mercury'. So you and I both know not to believe rumors, Ken."

Random Frye-isms:

"All southpaws oughta be drowned at birth."

"Have you seen his ears? They're like potatoes, looks like his head was stuck in the birth canal for 4 hours and they had to beat him out with a stick."

"At least he's got clean underwear on"

"He's so awkward, he’s like a rabid octopus."

“Look at me: I’m a wrestler. My balls are so big, I wear the excess on my hat.”

"He's still a little wobbly on his feet, ya know. Either that or he's got good rhythm."

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