Cro Cop on fighters who take TRT: 'One punch or kick can solve that problem'

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Longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran Mirko Filipovic, who competed in PRIDE Fighting Championship as well as DREAM and K-1 in Japan, knows a thing or two about squaring off against opponents who may have gone the extra mile in training camp.

And by "extra mile" I mean "needle in the buttocks."

Steroid use and abuse, which has plagued combat sports for years (especially in unregulated markets), is starting to lose its place in the headlines thanks to the rise of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), now legally available to athletes who can secure a prescription from their physician.

And keep it under wraps when the time comes.

Unfortunately that doesn't include Quinton Jackson, who blabbed to media members following his UFC 144 loss to Ryan Bader that he was receiving TRT injections prior to their fight -- which not coincidentally took place last month in Japan.

So what does "Cro Cop" have to say about all of that? Well, it's simple: No amount of testosterone, or any other performance enhancing drug for that matter, can save you from a knockout punch (or kick).

The Croatian breaks it down for Fighters Only after the jump.

"I know guys have used this and used that, so many other things… I don’t know if any of it really helps, in martial arts anyway. One punch, one kick to the head, the liver, can end the fight. And secondly its a death, its a death for the body. For a few years of glory you are going to die at the age of 40, 45? Or your liver turns to cancer and you search for a new liver? I don’t know. I think its too dangerous. And for MMA I think you can prepare with everything natural, all natural substances. Nutrition, BCAA, protein shakes and glutamine. Four things I use. Every sportsman in every sports is taking this, or should. Plus vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, lots of fruit, lots of rest. I never liked all that other stuff, its dangerous to play with. As far as I am concerned, its too dangerous ... But, its not my concern, whoever wants to take anything can take anything - one punch or kick can solve the problem. It's dangerous, its not healthy, you can be caught, you can be suspended and you can be shamed. It is disgrace for your whole career to be caught with things you shouldn’t take. But most important thing, it is too dangerous. Thanks but no thanks."

Filipovic, who said goodbye to MMA with a technical knockout loss to Roy Nelson at UFC 137 last October, has returned to the kickboxing circuit overseas. He most recently decisioned fellow aging striker Ray Sefo at "Final Fight" earlier this month.

Cro Cop expects to compete again later this year and has reportedly fielded recent offers from K-1.

Let's get some thoughts on this hot-button issue Maniacs. Is Cro Cop right in his assessment? Does skill overcome chemical enhancements?

Opinions, please.

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