Rampage Jackson: Shogun better train hard because I got something to prove

Mauricio Rua (left) defeated Quinton Jackson (right) in 2005 at PRIDE Total Elimination 2005.

Before Quinton Jackson can get out of his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contract, he has one more fight that he needs to fulfill.

After being matched up with wrestlers that only only want to "hump" him, as "Rampage" so eloquently put it, the former light heavyweight champion asked to be matched up against a striker, someone that would stand on the feet and swing leather with him to ensure an exciting fight for the fans. That is, after all, Jackson's main motive in the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Though he and the powers that be at Zuffa haven't seemed to been seeing eye-to-eye, as evidenced by Quinton's recent verbal attacks on the organization he has called home for five years, Joe Silva and company not only granted him his match against a striker, they also gave him a rematch the he had desired for so long.

That fight is against none other than former 205-pound kingpin and all around striking machine, Mauricio Rua.

Rua and Jackson first met seven years ago in Japan at Pride Total Elimination 2005. The young Brazilian dominated the American from the opening bell and did not let up for a second en route to a first round technical knockout victory.

Since that fateful day in "The Land of the Rising Sun," both have gone on to have stellar careers and it has always been a fight that "Rampage" has always wanted back. Though he asked for and received the fight he wanted, Jackson recently stated that the bout will have to be put on hold for the time being until he gets both of his knees repaired.

But don't fret, Quinton assures everyone that he will heal fast and though he loves and respects "Shogun," he will give the last man to knock him out a run for his money.

Make the jump to see what he told MMA Heat's Karyn Bryant:

"The first time I fought Shogun I was injured, I dislocated my ankle three weeks into training camp, and I couldn't run for three weeks, so my cardio was pretty bad and we had 10 minute rounds. So that always haunted me. I love Shogun, he's a good guy, over the years we've seen each other and we've conversated and he and his brother Ninja are great guys. Me wanting to rematch Shogun is nothing personal. Shogun coming up, he was the best back then and I knew I could beat him but it's just unfortunate that I couldn't get my ankle (healed). I just want to get that fight back. Straight up, when I get my knees back together, I'm training my ass off. I got something to prove to Shogun. I don't care if I'm just coming off of knee surgery and stuff like that, I'm going to give Shogun a run for his money. Shogun better train pretty hard for this because I know how to train hard. When I was training for Jon Jones, that was the best Rampage ever and that's why I give Jon Jones his praise because I have never lost a fight being in that type of shape and he beat me quite easily and submitted me."

With no word on exactly when Jackson will undergo his knee surgery, there is no accurate timetable as to when his farewell fight could possibly go down. Rua, on the other hand, has not see action since in over four months, since his epic fight with Dan Henderson at UFC 139 on November 19, 2011.

With knee surgeries often requiring plenty of time to rehab and heal properly, it could mean an extended waiting period for "Shogun," should he decide to wait for "Rampage" to be all healed up.

How about it, do you see this colossal 205-pound tilt going any different than it did in Osaka? Or will the anticipation be all for naught, given the complications that are holding this much anticipated fight up?

What say you?

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