MMA Mania PSN Camp Update 1


Ok so guys this was supposed to have a lot more content in this post but I have a couple of things to discuss quickly before we go much further. I am not able to organize anything crazy over the next week or two in terms of tournaments or anything like that so bare with me.

Now - I am getting furiously fucked off with the THQ servers - Constantly disconnects one after another and I don't really want to progress on any sort of tournament(even if it is only for the pride or bragging rights). Somehow RampageLangford has been getting up to 50 or so fights in a day but I cant get more then 4 fights in an hour or two half of the time. I love the game so here is a spot to discuss while we wait for things to settle down a bit.

First things first we now have 7 members in the camp.... FINALLY - you stragglers took a while to accept invites but we are starting to get numbers. Camp structure is as follows:

I, scarnon, am your team captain - you shall refer to me as El Capitan scarnon(or just that fuckhead from Australia - whichever you prefer.)

Rampagelangford has been promoted to Team Officer - This allows him to have invite privileges and i believe, the power of the ban hammer. Langford is a prime candidate for Team Captain as he is sitting up at 300 wins now i believe and i am down on 100. Having said that I dont want to bail unnecessary pressure on one of our fighters - its best he continues to do what he does best and keep winning fights for us!

Others in the camp i did promote to "member" from recruit but have recently changed this. Basically if you are a member your fights against other camp members are counted for the camp's score and leadership position. Langford has done extraordinary work getting us up there with over 60 camp wins. The recruits who have a negative W/L ratio i have moved back to "recruit"... Go out there get some ranked matches online going and hone in your skills. As soon as that ratio becomes positive you will be promoted to member and in turn have quite an influence on the position of the camp.

Now - that bullshit is over we need some more recruits - I will be sharing the Mania logo that I created in game so you can all use as a tattoo on your CAF... Mine has the badge on my CAF's back and on the shorts - use it as you see fit but lets get the Mania name out there a bit. You should be able to search for this as "Manialogo1" in the content creation/sharing area so get on it and lets all look fucking badass!

This weekend I will be uploading a couple of funny/spammy highlights from a few fights i have had recently and crank out a fanpost with more content to it I have just been busy so its on the way.

Please - if anyone have any suggestions on something to organise yell out... And as Dana White says to TUF contestants who dont get in the house "go out there and pad your record - have a few more fights and keep progressing." It's great to see the camp more active but all these usernames and only me and Langford fighting ranked matches sucks balls.

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