UFC on FX 2 results: Demetrious Johnson wins close split decision over Ian McCall to advance to flyweight final (UPDATED)

Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson.

UPDATE: The bout has since been overturned to a majority draw thanks to a scoring error by the athletic commission in Australia. Read more on that by clicking here.

The first ever flyweight fight in Octagon history took place at tonight's (Fri., March 2, 2012) UFC on FX : "Alves vs. Kampmann" event in Sydney, Australia, as Demetrious Johnson made the drop from bantamweight to 125-pounds to take part in the four-man tournament opposite freshly signed division deity Ian McCall.

For those unfamiliar with the little guys, McCall was widely regarded as the very best in the weight class coming into tonight's event, despite his never having competed in the world's largest fight promotion. Johnson, of course, contested for the 135-pound title just last year. In short, these dudes can fight and they were supposed to bring it tonight.

Did they ever.

Both guys came with that hot fire, as expected. But after three rounds and 15 minutes of intense action, it was difficult to tell exactly who the winner was. With the sudden victory round available if necessary, it would seem the judges had more leeway with their scores.

Turns out, it was unnecessary.

That's because two of them agreed that Johnson won the first two rounds and he was awarded the split decision victory to advance to the flyweight tournament final and a chance at the 125-pound title.

The good -- and sometimes bad -- thing about these smaller guys is their speed is so overwhelming, sometimes you can barely keep up with the action. Such was the case in the opening minutes of this one, as Johnson showcased his quickness, bouncing in and out while landing a few hard shots.

McCall battled back with takedowns, earning a few throughout the round, but Johnson negated them by popping back up to his feet. He also landed the hardest punch, staggering "Uncle Creepy" with a big right hand.

It was close, though. The round, I mean.

The second was mostly the same, save for the takedowns from McCall. He was scoring at various points, hitting hard with punches that opened Johnson up. Two rounds in, though, and it was so very close.

McCall picked it up in round three, working hard to achieve back mount and raining down shots on a helpless Johnson, who was flattened out and fighting for dear life. He managed to get back to his feet but it was only a matter of time before McCall had him back on the floor, once again unloading with big punches.

It looked as though McCall may have done enough for a 10-8 but the judges didn't agree and Johnson was given the nod in an extremely close but highly entertaining bout.

More of that, please.

Remember, too, to check out MMAmania.com's ongoing live coverage of the UFC on FX 2 main card by clicking here.

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