Mania:Rules, Regulations, and General Etiquette



Hey Maniacs,

As you know our beloved mmamania is by far the greatest site in the history of the internetz. Our community is unique, special, and respectful. Unfortunately, we have some rules that have to be respected. Otherwise, this site could become a negative place like some other sites and their communities.

  1. If you are ever in an arguement, and don't have a response, call your fellow maniac a fag
  2. Bloody Elbow must at all times be referred to as bloody vagina, rectum, tampon etc etc
  3. If you are ever angered by another maniac, threaten him. If you bold words, he will likely be more intimidated.
  4. Respect the OG maniacs. It's important AND it bothers certain members of our fine community
  5. Call Ulf old, Sarah hot,OJR short, Me childlike, and everyone you don't know LSC at all times
  6. Bash fighters that deserve it(see Ruedigar, Gabe)
  7. Only post Gifs if it is irrelevant and mildly funny(hint: that's every gif ever)
  8. Insult Mot's comics. Even if you like them.

Here's the Mania policy on getting banned

  1. Do not email anyone about it. They have better things to do than listen to your bitching
  2. If you are well liked encourage everyone to post about you in their sig. It won't do anything, but you'll feel remembered
  3. Make as many new accounts as possible
  4. Post as much porn as you possibly can. It worked very very well for RandallHumpFreeze(DO NOT ACTUALLY DO THIS FUCKTARDS)

There you go Maniacs, just some general rules to follow. I hope this post taught everyone about the rules and we all learned something. PRIDE NEVER DIE and FREE ABB... or something

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