Walking Dead LIVE discussion post



Hey Maniacs,

I figured if JH could have a walking dead results we minus well have a live discussion page. Show starts in about 20 minutes and im excited as hell. To keep this interesting answer these four questions

  1. Who do you hope dies?
  2. Who do you think actually dies?
  3. What did the guy whisper in the season finale of season 1?
  4. What will be the course of events tonight??

Here's my answers

  1. Carl and Lori. Violently, preferably in a way I can record to my phone and then giggle at when I feel sad
  2. The black guy(i dont know his name, hes had like 3 lines), Herschel, and at least one of Herchel's daughters(not the one fucking Glenn)
  3. That the disease is air borne
  4. They will be attacked, Rick will bitch and moan without doing anything for at least 45 minutes, and then someone else will do all the work allowing Rick to step in at the end(see Shane killing barn Zombies). Also Merle will lead the outsider group and save the farm, but the farm will be destroyed so they will have to move somewhere else next season.

That's all I got Maniacs. If you don't watch the show, watch it anyway.

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