Maniacs should be seen AND heard.





Scottidog on the case.

So I've often wondered why we don't have a Mania podcast.....I don't know much about streaming, bandwidth or really any of the problems faced by trying to begin such an endeavor. I DO know just how much I, along with most other Maniacs, fucking LOVE the sound of my own voice. So I have been asking Geno Mrosko about this for a year. I assume, by his inaction, that he has absolutely no pull around here whatsoever. I thought about appealing to Tom and Jesse. But they spend most of the day enjoying the trappings of high roller, blog ownership life. The General is one of us. The guy who has the ear of the overlords.

Well Guess what.

The pretend fighting site that made Mrosko a multi-millionaire has a podcast. With 2 hosts. Geno Mrosko and Sergio Hernandez......and here's the hurtful part.

It's actually, VERY cool.

Have a listen for yourself.

So apparently, Tom and Jesse have put their considerable resources behind a Cageside podcast, while we sit over hear typo-ing furiously at each other like 18th century DOUCHEBAGS.

So I, for one, demand a reckoning! I want to hear a Mania podcast! I want to Skype you Maniacs and our hosts and talk MMA!

Are YOU happy taking a backseat to Cageside? Don't you want to make fun of Scarnon's accent on a live broadcast?

Then for God's sake, speak your piece!

Let the powers that be know that you will not stand idly by and type when you could be tuned in and interacting.

Maniacs need a voice. So speak up!!!!!

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