UFC Programming Alert: Chael Sonnen to join 'MMA Uncensored,' Thurs. at 11pm ET to talk Silva rematch and more

On Aug. 7, 2010, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and mixed martial arts (MMA) landscape was 1.5 minutes away from changing forever when Chael Sonnen very nearly defeated the legendary Anderson Silva.

For more than four rounds, Sonnen bludgeoned the Middleweight Champion with punches, takedowns and two-handed, open palm strikes to the sides of the head. He was closer to defeating "The Spider" then any man has been in a very long time.

Since that fateful night, Sonnen has one his last two fights in a row and earned a rematch at the title (at least in the eyes of UFC management) when the two are expected to headline UFC 147 in Brazil this June.

Silva has also won his two most recent contests, both by way of devastating knockout.

The cage hasn't been the only place Sonnen and Silva have been active. Far from it. Both fighters have been very vocal in the media and the tone has been less than cordial. Recently, Silva spoke out about his nemesis, going so far as to suggest that Chael is possessed by a demon.

What will Sonnen have to say in response, this time?

Thursday (March 15, 2012), Sonnen will make an appearance on the new Spike TV program, "MMA Uncensored Live." He will sit down with hosts Craig Carton, Mike Straka and Nate Quarry to discuss his upcoming bout, his feelings for Silva and whatever else pops up in that crazy head of his.

If it's anything like his last showing on "UFC Tonight," where he issued a mock apology to Silva, it should make for some good footage.

Sonnen and Silva shouldn't have to do much to sell their impending rematch, but that has not stopped either of them, thus far.

Of course, it has been "Uncle Chael" who has stolen the show (and the majority of the air time), in contrast to Silva, who really has only answered a few questions here and there, as terse as his responses may have been.

"MMA Uncensored Live" can be seen on Spike TV on Thursday nights at 11 p.m. ET. Make sure to tune in!

Will you Maniacs be watching to see what bomb Chael is going to drop next? Do you think he's getting under Silva's skin, or is he just a mere annoyance that will be disposed of at UFC 147?

Comments, please.

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