Roy Nelson Facebook contest tops 100,000 mark, but light heavyweight move put on pause


Just over one week ago, Roy Nelson made it public that he made an intriguing wager.

The bet was that if he were to add 100,000 "likes" to his Facebook page within two weeks time, he would attempt to make the weight cut down to 205 pounds. Based on wall posts following his announcement, many fans (myself included) wanted to see "Big Country" make the drop.

It's always interesting to see a fighter make an attempt to compete in a new weight class and with Roy's unique physique for a professional athlete, it was even more so. With thousands of people "liking" his page daily, it was clear that fans wanted to see Roy make the cut.

However, there has been some recent confusion.

Roy now has over 100,000 "likes" on his Facebook page. This means that over 100,000 Facebook users are following him through Facebook. Starting at somewhere in the realm of 32,000 followers, it only took a few short days for Roy to reach this number which is impressive to say the least.

However, the pace has slowed significantly and I feel that it is due to a few factors.

The biggest problem causing confusion is that many people do not realize that the bet was to ADD 100,000 "likes" rather than REACHING 100,000 "likes." Once Roy's page reached 100,000 "likes," people began to comment as if the goal had been reached and stated that Roy needed to begin cutting.

However, the bet hasn't been won just yet. We still need about 30,000 more people to follow his Facebook page.

Another thing confusing fans is the fact that Roy just took a fight against Antonio Silva at UFC 146. They might now assume that this was a publicity stunt and that Nelson never had any intentions of making the weight cut to 205 pounds. I can't speak for Roy personally, but I don't see how taking one more fight at heavyweight stops him from making the cut to light heavyweight afterward, especially when the bet hasn't even been won yet.

If the fans continue to help by getting his page up to 132,000 "likes," I think that he will stick by his words. Or, at the very least, we can force "Big Country" to show his hand.

Anyone still behind the movement, click here to like his Facebook page. More on his weight-cutting wager right here and all the details on his "Bigfoot" fight right here.

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