Ronda Rousey: Miesha Tate sounds dumb if she thinks she was winning

That would be Ronda Rousey mangling Miesha Tate's arm.

Get this: Before having her arm nearly ripped off by Ronda Rousey at Strikeforce this past March 3 in Columbus, Ohio, Miesha Tate thought she was winning the fight.

Really. Click here if you don't believe me.

After a bitter war of words and a forehead press at the weigh-ins, the two top 135-pound women met up inside the cage to determine who the better fighter really was. And with her first round armbar finish, "Rowdy" Ronda seemingly answered that question. Definitively.

"Takedown" Tate doesn't agree. In fact, she believes "for the most part" she was "probably winning." Not only that, but she thinks Rousey didn't really prove anything we didn't already know, which is that she's really good at tearing people's arms off.

When informed of all this, the new Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion responded with a shake of her head and these pointed words:

"It just kind of makes her sound dumb," Rousey told Bloody Elbow. "Everyone knows that I wanted to armbar her, and there was nothing she could do to stop me, even with months of preparation. I think that proves a lot. It's like she's not even looking at the actual situation. I don't know what match she was watching, to really think that. One of those pieces of advice that my mom tells me all the time is, 'Never listen to your own press.' The second I got out of that cage, my coach was already telling me a million things I did wrong. It just seems tome like she must be surrounded by a bunch of "yes men" all the time, saying stuff like, 'Oh yeah, you were winning. You were totally dominating.' If I was her, I would look at that match, look at what I did wrong, and try to fix it next time, and not be like 'I was totally winning before I lost.'"

It is quite amazing, when you think about it. Rousey literally told Tate she was going to finish her in the first round by armbar and she went out and did just that.

What does that prove?

Quite a bit, actually. And with Tate's assertion that wrestling trumps judo nine times out of 10, it would seem clear she was either way wrong or Rousey caught her on the right day to get that one win.

Thankfully, "Rowdy" is open to a rematch saying "If she wants Rousey vs. Tate 2, then I'll be happy to oblige her."

Anyone up for watching these two lethal ladies go at it again?

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