Nick Diaz : Unbreakable

Yes, yet another Nick Diaz thread. But, I wanted to say my piece. Let's start about talking about Nick Diaz first, by bringing up Carlos Condit.

Carlos Condit has 5 losses. 3 were by submission. He got submitted prior to 2007 and prior to his championship run in WEC. This happens quite often to even the best BJJ players as it is a lengthy process to fully understand all of the ins and outs of the sport. You generally can't knock a man who has been submitted early in his career, who comes back to never seem to be in submission trouble , and submits people left and right. Carlos BJJ game is solid now for sure.

Carlos has never been finished Via Strikes. The guy might not be able to be knocked out. Jake Ellenberger hit him with a shot that would knock out a donkey. Carlos somehow managed to not only survive but to come back from the brink of defeat, and actually earn of split decision win over the Juggernaut.

Carlos came back to beat the prodigy Rory MacDonald in a display of toughness and heart. He has 28 wins, 13 have come by way of stoppage from strikes, 13 from submission.

This is not your average MMA fighter. Carlos is definitely in a select class of fighters with an elite level of heart and toughness. He is a finishing animal. Carlos is trying to kill you in the ring, and your only hope of surviving a finish is that the ref is aware enough to pull him off of you. The man is no joke.

That being said, Carlos wanted nothing to do with a war with Nick Diaz.

Now considering Carlos accolades, the way he's carried himself, and heck, his nickname, it takes a lot of stones for him to evaluate himself, and realize, he is just not as tough as Nick. This is not an easy thing to do by any means for any fighter, let alone one known for toughness, resiliency , and heart.

Nick Diaz is one bad motherfucker. Only the criminally insane dare to go toe to toe , all out war with this guy nowadays. Paul Daley, perhaps the most dangerous man in the whole division to brawl with, got outbrawled by Nick. Nick beat the beast at his own game.

This seems to be lost on a large enough portion of you that I have to bring this up. It is truly a head scratcher that people try to evaluate Daley by his wins and losses or that he's not in the UFC or SF anymore.

Daley has 20 knockout wins in his 29 win career. He is named Semtex for a reason. He has the most devastating left hook in the entire sport of MMA, and he is a brutal finisher. Daley has never been finished by strikes in his entire career until he ran into Nick Diaz.

Daley is absolutely UFC level, he is an athletic specimen, who is generally going to roll through everyone who can't take him down. Not some average MMA fighter can just take Daley down, you need to be a very solid wrestler to get the job done. If you stand with Daley you get destroyed. Whether he is in Bamma, whether in the UFC, or SF, Paul Daley, is easily one of the most dangerous men in all of MMA.

And Nick Diaz beat him at his own game.

Instead of people crying about Nick being a cry baby and all of that, or Carlos being a running bitch, why can't we appreciate what was shown?

Carlos is one of the toughest bastards in the whole sport, yet he knew it was foolish to tangle with the monster than is Nick Diaz.

I personally feel that Nick should have been awarded that fight I gave him Rounds 1,2,5 and I also thought Round 3 was close. I felt the constant hunting down of his opponent had to be a big factor, and if the striking was close, I would give the round to Nick.

To be a counter puncher, or counter fighter in general, you pay a price in my book, and unless you can clearly dominate the aggressor, I'm just not going to give you the round. In Round 4, Carlos showed a clear domination over Nick that if it went that way for the whole fight, I would definitely think Carlos won even with his running away style.

I think that's a fair way to judge, but to each his own. Carlos was using an effective gameplan, and he did enough for him to warrant the win. In fights this close, it could go either way, and I'm not complaining. I personally saw it differently, but this is how judging works at times.

At the end of the story, Nick Diaz is one crazy tough bastard for Carlos to not want to brawl with him, and Carlos had enough intelligence to realize not to get into that game, even though he's played it his entire career.

The Natural Born Killer will be back, and he has shown that he will not lose just to be tough, which is huge in today's world.

Both men proved a great deal on Saturday, and I look forward to both their next match ups.

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