Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley fight booked for June 9 in Las Vegas


With Floyd Mayweather Jr. accepting a fight against Miguel Cotto on May 5, 2012, the dream fight against Manny Pacquiao was once again dashed.

That left "Pac Man" without an opponent; however, it now looks as if Oscar De La Hoya’s prediction about Top Rank promoter Bob Arum matching the Filipino fireball up against Timothy Bradley is about to come to fruition.

In fact, the 80-year-old Arum is talking about Bradley being the likely next fight for Pacquiao on June 9, 2012, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in Arum’s four fighter tournament.

Pacquiao's adviser, Michael Koncz, via ESPN:

"From our end the fight is done. I just got off the phone with (Top Rank's) Bob Arum and Manny, so we're done. I don't assume there will be a problem from the Bradley side. We came to terms with Top Rank on the fight and Manny has approved everything. This morning I had a number of conversations with Bob negotiating the June 9 fight and I relayed everything to Manny and the fight is done from our end."

Arum had said earlier on Monday, via the Los Angeles Times:

It can be difficult dealing with a guy [Pacquiao] so many time zones away in the Philippines, but I feel very good about this and think I'll be in a position to announce something by [Tuesday]. I just have to get all the ducks in a row. I just need a complete sign-off from Manny.

Bradley, an undefeated (28-0) 28-year-old fighter from California has compiled an impressive record, but has just 12 knockouts on his resume. He is a busy fighter, and a great boxer, but lacks that flare and power to really provide for a dangerous fight for the Filipino superstar.

One would imagine that if Pacquiao, 33, can get angles on him, confound him with the southpaw stance, and hand him his first loss. Then again perhaps Pacquao has slipped, or more realistically, will underestimate this fight and enable Bradley to shock the combat sports world.

Pacquiao (54-3-2, 38 KO) and Bradley (28-0, 12 KO) will meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, live on HBO pay-per-view (PPV). Who's watching it?

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