Nick Diaz is too old school for modern MMA

I was banned for 24 hours following my comments after the MMA robbery of the century, and perhaps deservedly so. It was an emotional moment, given that Diaz had waited this long to get a shot at the title and lost to a man who largely threw harmless leg kicks and ran backwards.

But I digress. I'm not going to open up that can of worms again. Everything that could have been said about that fight has been said already. You either believe Diaz won or you don't. I'm not here to change your mind.

What I want to talk about is the spirit of MMA that started with Royce Gracie and the first UFC. And that's pretty relevant, given that Diaz is a Gracie jujitsu fighter of the same mindset. The kind of competition Royce started was one which tested who the better fighter was. It wasn't a dancing competition. It didn't have judges holding up 10s and 9s like figure skating.

Diaz lost a points match, if you believe the judges and half the internet armchair critics. But he didn't lose a fight. Much like most of the other Diaz losses in the UFC, he didn't lose in any other sense than the arbitrary conventions set up by the unified rules of MMA. And we all know how well these rules work.

Look, if you enjoy watching a fighter run around for the most the fight and "score" points with tippy toe "leg jabs", who am I to deny you your pleasure? But Royce Gracie didn't care. It's why he never wanted time limits, because time limits are arbitrary and irrelevant.

To date, only one man has really beaten Nick Diaz and that's Jeremy Jackson. He did it in a method we can all agree upon. Jackson didn't win on points. He didn't out leg jab Diaz. He knocked the boy out. It's called conclusive.

I understand that you need time limits in MMA, and that's why the point system exists. But that doesn't really define how good a fighter is. Watch the fight again. Condit landed more shots overall, and that's true. Does it look like Diaz cared? Does it look like he was counting who was ahead? This is a man who slapped Condit in the face in the second round. A round, I might add, the judges think he lost.

Diaz isn't fighting you to win on points. He's fighting you to defeat you. Condit didn't go into that cage on Saturday to win a fight or finish his opponent. He played a game plan requiring a great deal of elusiveness and running away. For all the fans who have criticized GSP for his past five fights for lacking any sort of viciousness or finishing instinct, Condit did the same.

So I'm not here to argue with you who won the fight. I say Diaz. You say Condit. But is Condit the kind of fighter you're going to be excited to see fight again? Is GSP? No. I'd rather watch Diaz try and beat a man up than leg jab a man to victory.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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